Sing With Power using The Law of Attraction [You won’t believe it!]

How To Use The Law of Attraction To


The Law of Attraction is everywhere these days.

Just throw on YouTube and your bound to see at least one, if not thousands of people talking about how they manifested $20,000 overnight, or the girl of their dreams using LOA.

But there’s an important, scientific reason that this works – and an even more practical reason that it can help you become a better singer which I’ll share with you in just a minute.

Now, before you run screaming for all this esoteric, magical stuff; I’m a cynic when it comes to all things universal and intangible.

I’m open, but skeptical.

So this isn’t some magical “wish for a better singing voice, have one by morning” kind of thing – I want to share with you how you can use the Law of Attraction to build a better singing voice.

This is all about being open and taking actionable steps towards your goals.

There’s two main reasons this approach, whether you want to call it LOA, or whether you just want to think of this as a psychological hack for building a better voice, works so well for singing – nay, is NECESSARY for being a good singer.

For starters, from an anatomical perspective – the voice is largely involuntary.

Meaning, you can’t just “flex” your left vocal fold.

You can’t just “flex” your diaphragm.

You can’t isolate the TA and CT muscles without actually singing.

These mechanisms are all controlled by INTENTION; you intend to make a sound – and a sound comes out of your throat, right? You’re not focusing on the dozens of little muscles and cartilage that shift together when you speak or sing – you just “do it”.

Now, if we start considering the law of attraction; and we truly believe that our voice SUCKS, and that this next note is going to be BAD and we can NOT sing that high – this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy; because this is the physical cue you’re giving your vocal folds, your diaphragm, your voice as a whole.

You’ll notice that great singers are often confident people – and there’s really something to that; confidence in your voice = better singing = confidence in your voice (in some sort of eternal loop)

So following the tenets of the Law of Attraction; Belief + Acceptance + Actionable Steps = MANIFESTING.

Now, the second reason this works so well for your voice is openness.

I’m not talking about Open Throat, although that’s obviously important.

I’m talking about openness to the idea that you can be a better singer, that you can sing higher notes, that with time and practice you really WILL be that dynamite, powerhouse singer you’ve always dreamt of being.

The first step with this is to clear your mind when you practice and when you sing.

Forget Wikipedia.

Forget those graphic scope videos you saw of a camera down someone’s throat.

Forget that guru on YouTube telling you he’s the best.

Forget what you “think” you’re hearing your favourite singers do (this one is huge!)

And simply “allow” your voice to resonate.

Don’t force it out because you think “that’s what rock singers do”, don’t sing louder than a jet engine because you think “that’s what rock singers do” and don’t sing too weak because “that’s what bad singers do” – remember confidence is key.

INTENT is such an important part of becoming a great singer that I’ve started implementing it as part of my training routine for my students all around the world to WILD results – it really does work for 9/10 singers.

Watch this video to learn how I help singers like you develop better voices using TONAL INTENT:

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