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Another confusing Classical Term that I’ll simplify for you in this quick lesson is Adduction and Abduction.

Not strictly singing related, Adduction refers to any part of your body being moved closer to your center, for example, when you place your hands together like in a prayer (or matching devil horns, for my fellow rockers), or just about any movement in Yoga involving the solar plexus or Centering your core. Basically, it means “Move towards the center”, and the opposite, abduction, means to seperate further from your core.

So, in singing, Adduction means to bring your vocal chords closer together towards the center of your throat. This is also known as chord/cord closure!

When you sing with power, you need to Adduct, while supporting your voice properly using the diaphragm for your breathing, and using modified vowel sounds/vowel positions to help access different resonance chambers as you ascend.

Here’s a simple lesson to show you the easiest way to develop control over Adduction in your singing voice:

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