Sing with POWER | Adduct your vocal chords | Cord Closure

Singing with power and resonance needn’t be a strain or huge effort, the reality is that singing is a delicate, and often very gentle dance between many sets of muscles, and figurative direction of the singing mechanism by way of carefully developed singing technique and tailored approach.

If you’re trying to get rid of a breathy singing voice, learn how to breathe while singing, or even learn breathy voice causes – the answer to these any more more questions is actually adduction of your vocal chords, aka vocal cord closure.

As you ascend in range, you’re naturally altering the thickness and length of your vocal cords to change the frequency and pitch your voice is resonating at – along with these differences in thickness we need to move or chords closer together (adduction), or, if they thicken into the lower range move them further apart so they don’t close with all that weight (abduction). I recently released a tutorial on proper cord closure in my video series on healthy singing technique – check it out below!

If you’re ready to develop proper cord closure and increase your resonance with vocal cord adduction like I’ve shown you in the video above, you can book a session with me now!

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