Sing more powerfully in three easy steps!

Sing more powerfully in three easy steps!

You’re tried pushing, you’ve tried releasing, you might have even tried yelling a little bit – none of these things gave you the vocal POWER you were looking for, right? That’s because the singing mechanism is somewhat a ‘dance’ between the three ‘main’ singing muscles, and requires solid control and release of many others as you sing throughout your full range.

Where does power come from? Lets rephrase that – what do YOU think ‘power’ is in a singing voice? I bet if you asked five different people in the room across from yours what they though ‘vocal power’ was, you’d get a different answer from each, each one likely more vague than the last. This is how we’re going to streamline your technique to power up your voice!

Resonance is power.

You’ve got that right, everything from grit, to vibrato, to your high range, to LOUD volume, to vocal tone – all require resonance, and depend on how well you control and place your resonance to achieve these desired techniques and effects. If you can place your resonance correctly and use the right vowel sound, your voice will ECHO with all the power and projection you could ever need – with surprisingly little effort.

Lets try it:

Step #1 – Vowels

We’ll keep this as simple as possible by trying it with an “AH” vowel, a super relaxed open-mouth sound, in my Aussie accent something similar to the word “car”, or “Laugh” – and as we ascend in range towards your vocal break, we’ll CHANGE the vowel sound ever so slightly towards an “OH” sound, like the word ‘call’ or ‘pot’ – can you feel yourself hit an exciting ‘new’ pocket of resonance? Bingo! That’s your first vowel position – your voice is FILLED with little pockets of powerful resonance like this that you need to learn how to utilise properly. Try it with a few other vowel sounds and see if you can achieve the same powerful resonance! When you’re ready to develop your vowels professionally, you can book a session with me!

Step #2 – Breath support (aka compression)

Your singing voice actually requires air PRESSURE rather than air FLOW – so learning to control your air properly is an absolute MUST if you’re going to be building a powerful singing voice. Remember, engage your diaphragm to breathe ‘with’ rather than sucking air into your chest – it’s a relaxed, but muscular motion very different to ‘regular’ breathing. I won’t bore you with this as it’s covered in my complimentary breathing course.

Step #3 – Chord Closure (aka adduction)

Learning chord closure by way of ‘adducting’ as you ascend and sing with more power is essential to the process of building a powerful singing voice – this is super important when you’re belting, singing with grit or singing up into your higher vowel positions. This requires a delicate touch and the proper know how, so book a session with me and I’ll show you how to adduct in the RIGHT way.

Are you ready to power up your vocal range and sight with a MIGHTY and impressive tone? Book a session with me now and I’ll show you how it’s done!

The process is super simple, to sing more powerfully you need to learn – release, placement, vowels, closure and breath support. Learn these steps and your voice will absolutely RING with power and resonance!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below.

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