Sing more powerfully in three easy steps!

Sing more powerfully in three easy steps!

You’re tried pushing, you’ve tried releasing, hell, you might have even tried yelling a little bit – none of these things gave you the vocal POWER you were looking for, right? That’s because the singing mechanism is somewhat a ‘dance’ between the three ‘main’ singing muscles and your two main vocal registers that requires coordination as you sing throughout your full range.

Where does power come from? Lets rephrase that – what do YOU think ‘power’ is in a singing voice? I bet if you asked five different people what they though ‘vocal power’ was, you’d get a different answer from each, each one likely more vague than the last. It’s important to understand what ‘power’ is in a singing voice before we can learn how to strengthen our voices. Let’s streamline your technique so we can power up your voice!

Resonance is power.

You’ve got that right, everything from grit, to vibrato, to your high range, to LOUD volume, to vocal tone – all require resonance, and depends on how well you control and place your resonance to achieve these desired techniques and effects. If you can place your resonance correctly and use the right vowel sound, your voice will ECHO with all the power and projection you could ever need – with surprisingly little effort. Placing your resonance so that you can vibrate in the most efficient way with very little effort while allowing a powerfully resonant sound is the key to consistent power in your singing voice.

With these three steps, you’ll be building more power in your singing voice than you could ever have imagined. Learning to resonate efficiently is the only way to build power and volume in your singing voice in a safe and consistent way, building and adding frequencies over time that BUZZ and ping throughout your full vocal range iwth ease.

Step #1 – Twang

Power and volume in your voice comes from the addition of twang to your singing technique. Now, I’m now talking about country twang, or a Nashville drawl, I’m talking about a narrowing of the top of the epiglottis that amplifies and boosts your frequencies to create a bright and resonant singing voice.

Building control over your ‘twanger’ will allow you to add a moderate and controlled amount of cut and boost to your resonance so that you are loud and resonant without actually singing loud from your vocal chords, in essence amplifying the sound that is already there.

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Twang is often mistaken for nasality in a singing voice, so make sure you are narrowing the top of the glottis rather than actually singing nasal or with an improperly controlled soft palate.

Step #2 – Breath support (aka compression)

Your singing voice actually requires air PRESSURE rather than air FLOW – so learning to control your air properly is an absolute MUST if you’re going to be building a powerful singing voice. Remember, engage your diaphragm to breathe ‘with’ rather than sucking air into your chest – it’s a relaxed, but muscular motion very different to ‘regular’ breathing. I won’t bore you with this as it’s covered in my complimentary breathing course. Here’s another practical singing tutorial I’ve put together for you to show you how to support your voice.

Setting up your posture properly so you can implement appoggio singing technique is the most important aspect of supporting your voice, so make sure you’re setting up your breathing and posture first before trying to increase power with your breath support.

Step #3 – Chord Closure (aka adduction)

Learning chord closure by way of ‘adducting‘ as you ascend and sing with more power is essential to the process of building a powerful singing voice – this is super important when you’re belting, singing with grit or singing up into your higher vowel positions. Learning to control your adduction and increase your chord closure requires a delicate touch and professional coaching, so make sure to book a Skype session with me so I can show you how to close your vocal chords in a powerful and safe way.

Are you ready to power up your vocal range and sight with a MIGHTY and impressive tone? Book a Skype session with me today and I’ll show you how it’s done!

The process is super simple, to sing more powerfully you need to learn – release, placement, vowels, closure and breath support. Learn these steps and your voice will absolutely RING with power and resonance!

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