Sing louder without straining

Sing louder without straining

You’ve been building your voice for a while now, it’s starting to connect – you get the concept of vowels, and placement, but it’s just TOO. DAMN. QUIET. No matter what you do. Or, maybe you PUSH way too much and get louder and louder as you ascend in range… well, I’m here to show you there is an EASIER way to power up your voice and increase volume the right way.

How to sing louder without straining, or even learning how to sing louder while staying key and pitch perfect takes a little practice and the right approach. First up, lets change your through process from ‘volume’ to ‘frequencies’ – volume in and of itself really has no place in a healthy singing technique. Instead, you should be creating the right frequencies that “cut through” in any situation and release your power without strain rather than pushing the sound out with force.

Try to adjust your tone from ‘dark’ and ‘loud’ and ‘boomy’ to ‘relaxed’, ‘bright’, ‘sharp’ and ‘focused’ instead. If you place your voice correctly and sing with a bright, open tone – you’ll then understand what I’m about to show you in this super simple tutorial on increasing your volume without causing strain:

Are you able to power up your volume and frequencies by using the twang approach I showed you above? If you’re ready to take your voice that next step you can book a session with me now.

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