Sing Higher Notes Without Straining

Sing Higher Notes Without Straining

Learning how to sing higher notes without straining took many years to learn, many hours of practice to perfect and of course tons of setbacks along the way – not to mention all the time and money wasted on singing courses and vocal methods that really did little for my voice other than increase my frustration and tire my voice. I really got to a point where I was thinking that I really lacked any talent or ability to become a singer, even with the best singing courses and most expensive singing lessons that were available at the time.

Does this sound familiar to your own vocal struggles? Don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, I discovered a new approach along the way that I now call the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing which has allowed me, even with one of the lowest Male voice types, to sing higher notes without straining and ultimately become a professional voice coach myself – and a well respected singer to boot.

Kegan, I would like to inform, that recently You joined to my fav vocalists/musicians along with mr. Cornell, Staley and Hetfield. ❤

For many years I felt like there was just something I was “missing” or there was a secret I had to find, or some knowledge that I had to buy for my voice to work the way that I really wanted. I wanted to sing with freedom and power like my favourite singers, and learn how to sing like Chris Cornell, learn how to sing like Layne Staley, learn how to sing like Robert Plant – but with a baritone voice, and also my Australian accent, there were very few resources out there designed for my voice, and even fewer that helped with the unique issues I was experiencing.

[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″][/one_half]Rather than a ‘secret’ or ‘special’ technique – what I really needed was a solid Foundation. After so many years of struggle and strain, I finally realised that building a great voice was JUST like building a strong house – Foundation in singing is exactly like the Foundation of a home, the rock solid base that your walls and roof (range and tone) are built upon. The garden, fittings and trimmings of your home (stylistic choice, tonal quality, distortion etc) then come in at the second stage of construction – or, the “Growth” stage of singing.

If you’re struggling to sing higher notes without straining, then the problem isn’t your lack of ability in the advanced concepts like compression – it’s simply an issue in your foundation. To sing higher notes without straining, you first need to;

  • Connect Chest and Head Voice
  • Develop frequency placement
  • Find and develop mixed resonance
  • Balance your onset
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Manage resonant space
  • Support your voice

And you guessed it – each of these elements are part of any good vocal foundation. You don’t need secrets, you don’t need concepts like glottal compression yet, clenching for support isn’t going to help and you aren’t “missing” anything – you simple need to build a better foundation for your voice.

[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″][/one_half]Once I went back to the basics that at the time I felt I was “too advanced for” and redesigned my voice to achieve placement, sing with mixed resonance, maintain an Open Throat by forming vowels properly while managing resonant space and the finer points of foundation like balanced onsets and support – I started sing higher notes without straining, and not just a few notes, I mean a whole LOT of range in my voice which I then continued to develop and build in the growth stage of my voice and ultimately has allowed me to begin helping singers just like you all around the word sing higher notes without straining by improving their vocal foundation.

Get Started With Foundation 101

The best place to get started is the Foundation 101 singing course, which will help you learn to sing higher notes without straining by;

  • Connecting chest and head voice
  • Developing mixed resonance
  • Forming vowels correctly
  • Managing resonant space
  • Balancing your onset
  • Placing your frequencies
  • Increasing power and volume with twang
  • Warming up your voice

The course contains over 60 minutes of video tutorials and interactive warmups and will serve as a great resource for your voice ongoing as you can refer back to the informative or practical sections of the course time and time again to touch up your foundation or find out “why” a song might be difficult for you. Remember, great singing starts with a rock solid foundation. Are you ready to start building your voice? I suggest getting started with this exclusive Open Throat singing lesson to learn exactly how the Foundation 101 singing course is going to help you sing higher notes with ease!

If you have any questions about singing higher notes without straining, feel free to leave any feedback below!

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