Three voice ranges men can sing in

Three voice ranges men can sing in

We’ve all heard of chest voice, and head voice – but did you know there is another ‘mystery’ vocal register called middle, or ‘mix’ voice that sits smack bang in the centre of the two? Middle voice is KEY to building your vocal range and singing without strain.

Most guys when they sing, are pushing up their chest voice as far as possible, and then ‘flipping’ into a weak head voice when they can no longer sing any higher in their chest register – the secret, is transitioning into your middle register so that change is fluid and inaudible. The three different voice ranges men can sing in are the Chest, Mid/Middle and Head registers – if you train your voice properly, you would quickly find that you actually have ONE connected singing voice rather than a heavy ‘low’ range and light ‘high’ range – one connected and powerful singing range no matter what register!

I recently released a video on singing Soundgarden’s “Limo Wreck” with a baritone voice such as mine – when you’re ready to start building your own powerful singing voice in ANY register and range, book a session with me now and check out the video below!

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