Sing high notes without strain

Sing high notes without strain

Singing without strain is the #1 request and question I receive here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – that and how to fix a nasal singing voice! A healthy singing voice is naturally without strain, and doesn’t require a ‘push’ or any tension to extend into your high range – simply put, a healthy voice is a strain free voice – stop straining when singing, and your voice will grow with every colour you can imagine.

What is strain? Vocal strain, at it’s core, is one of two things – either incorrect use of the muscles used for vocal control (The soft palate, vocal chords and the diaphragm), OR, it’s the use of unnecessary musculature while you’re singing, this happens either from incorrect singing technique, or persistent bad habits/muscle memory from improper training.

Never fear, the answer to how you can stop straining when singing is here! Singing in and of itself, is a VERY simple thing – I know, I know, it’s been over complicated by the people who are selling super expensive courses and who claim to ‘hold the answer’ to your voice – but the truth is, the only one who holds the key to your voice is YOU… you just need the right information!

Here’s a super simple guide to singing better with one little change to your singing approach. When you’re ready to build your singing voice, book a session with me and I’ll impart everything I’ve learned in over 15 years of professional singing.

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