Sing high notes without strain

Sing high notes without strain

Learning how to sing high notes without strain is a special skill that takes training, professional voice coaching and of course practice and perseverance. Proper singing techniques like diaphragmatic breathing, appoggio, learning to sing in MIX voice along with vowel tuning and resonance placement are the key to learning how to sing high notes without strain.

What is strain? Vocal strain, at it’s core, is one of two things – either incorrect use of the muscles used for vocal control (The soft palate, vocal chords and the diaphragm), OR, it’s the use of unnecessary musculature while you’re singing, this happens either from incorrect singing technique, or persistent bad habits/muscle memory from improper training.

Straining to hit high notes is detrimental to your vocal health, sounds terrible and of course effects our singing confidence and consistency, causing bad habits and poor vocal technique.

Never fear, the answer to how you can stop straining when singing is here! Singing in and of itself, is a VERY simple process that you simply need the correct instructions to coordinate properly. With these five simple steps you will be able to sing without strain and learn how to sing higher than ever before with POWER, confidence and consistency.

Step 1 – Build your foundation

Your singing foundation includes posture, diaphragmatic breathing, resonance, placement and vowels. Starting with the correct posture for singing, head up, shoulders back and down, chin parallel with the floor and your ribs wide – known as appoggio singing technique, you can now engage your diaphragm to ensure that your breath control is managed by extension of the diaphragm rather than contraction of your ribs.

Step 2 – Vocal placement

Vocal placement is an important technique in singing and requires the removal of any excess or unnecessary frequencies that don’t vibrate and resonate in an efficient manner. Vocal placement is often mistaken for classical MASK technique, so beware any voice coach who tries to teach you to place your voice in masque – it’s likely they’re a great singer themselves, but lack the ability to coach you in an effective manner.

Step 3 – Articulate your vowels

Learning how to shape and tune your vowel sounds is a specialised skill that takes professional training, trial-and-error and perseverance. While we often pronounce our words in speech, it’s important that we shape our vowel sounds to EQ our resonance into each vowel sound that we intend to create while singing. Using the correct tongue position for each vowel is especially important to bypass our singing accent and create our vowels in a powerful and resonant way. Here’s a fantastic tutorial I’ve put together to help show you how to create your vowel sounds in the right way.

Step 4 – Release your registers

Releasing your registers is the first step you should take in building your voice, and even after almost 20 years of singing the FIRST thing that I practice each morning. Releasing your registers allows coordination between your two main registers to meet in the central point of MIDDLE or the MIX register. A great way to release your registers is to train a lip trill through your range while avoiding any ‘catch’ or ‘flip’ in any part of your voice. If this means you have to sing light and quietly through the difficult passages in your voice, that’s absolutely fine. The important thing to develop is RELEASE of your registers so that you can build a mix coordination as your singing progresses.

Step 5 – Build your mix register

Building your mix is an important skill that every professional singer needs to develop. The muscles responsible for chest voice and the musculature required for head voice actually have the ability to coordinate together in the centre and create a MIDDLE register that retains the depth and power of chest voice, while allowing the expansive range that your head voice affords. Middle voice is the key to learning how to sing withoutstrain.

Sing high notes without strain

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