Sing High Notes Like a Pro [With This Simple Trick]

This Simple But Proven Vocal Technique Will Help You


I used to suck at singing high notes.

Actually, I sucked at singing – period.

I strained, struggled, pushed and yelled my way through even the most basic songs.

I went hoarse.

My voice was sore.

I sounded awful.

Wait, wait, wait – this isn’t what you’re used to hearing from a voice coach! Aren’t we all supposed to be natural singers who were always awesome? Never sung a bad note in my life? Started out with three octaves of range? Just a Tenor?

This obviously isn’t your regular singing tutorial.

I feel like I’m at one of those booze meetings – “Hi, my name is Kegan – and I was a terrible singer”

Now that we’ve got all of that out of the way – I want to show you how I turned everything around as a singer using a simple but proven approach to singing high notes with ease.

How I went from less than octave of range to four full octaves of power.

How I’m able to sing Tenor notes with ease even though I’m naturally a baritone – my lowest note being around an A1.

How I became a well respected singer who gets reviews and comments like the following ones – even though I wasn’t a natural;

The kind of singer that gets hounded by management and production companies, magazines, and offered all kinds of crazy gigs and opportunities and constantly turns down invitations to shows like The Voice and XFactor;

But you didn’t come here to hear all about me, now did you?

You came here to learn how to sing high notes.

… And sing ’em easy and powerful like a pro.

So let me show you exactly how I went from straining and shouting to singing high notes with ease:

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