Simple Vocal Technique Turns Head Voice Into Chest Voice

This Simple But Effective Vocal Method Shows You


I remember when I first mastered this trick and learned to sing head voice notes that sounded just like chest voice.

Lou Gramm. Paul Rodgers. Chris Cornell. Layne Staley. Adele. Aretha Franklin. Steven Tyler.

That’s ultimately what all these spectacular singers are know for, right? Singing with powerful chest voice notes in their high range.

But in a technical sense, you’re probably already aware that actually dragging chest as high as possible hurts and sounds terrible, right?

So what magic trick are these famous singers using to nail those high chest voice notes that you can only sing in super light, weak head voice?

Well for starters, we’re talking RESONANCE, not physically dragging thick vocal folds into higher notes.

After all, that’s what singing really is, right? Resonance.

Airflow, Vibration, Resonance <- The ONLY three things you’ll ever need to learn about singing.

But there’s more to it than just making a resonant buzz – you’ve probably tried bright, twangy sounds before and it might help a bit, but definitely doesn’t get you anywhere close to actually singing Spoonman, Master of Puppets or We Die Young, right?

There’s really two missing puzzle pieces here – Vowels and Tonal Intent

If you want to dive head on into the kettle of fish that is vowels, I’ve put together a special tutorial on mastering Vowel Modification that you can check out here – Big Dreams? You Need a Big Voice To Match.

The easier of the two to master right now is Tonal Intent – basically, using the right tonal frequencies for each register.

It’s easier than it sounds.

Watch this video to learn how:


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