Rock singing techniques

Rock singing techniques

Singing ROCK requires a certain finesse and of course, POWER, POWER, POWER! Rock singing techniques are based around a healthy foundation of proper breathing, diaphragmatic control, resonance, vowels and many more proper voice techniques that allow you to create a rockin’ sound without actually putting your voice at risk.

First step? Build. Your. Foundation! In the menu at the top right there is a complimentary breathing and resonance course which will show you the ropes and basics of proper breathing and resonance creation for a healthy and powerful voice. When you’re ready to take it a step further you can book a session with me personally!

Next up – vowels, vowels, vowels! Rock singing techniques generally center around your vowels – have a listen to your favourite rock singer, be it Chris Cornell, Mick Jagger or Dave Grohl – they ALL use vowels in a specific and deliberate way. Vowels are the backbone that sits on top of your breathing ‘foundation’ – without a proper approach to vowels and vowel positions, you’ll be straining and choking-off your high range before you can say “aha!” – those high notes and powerful soaring resonance is dependent upon your vowels. Remember, start out with your practical vowel sounds and ascend through each vowel position into your higher range – it’s super simple!

Chord Closure and compression – really are the “terrific two” when it comes to vocal power. If you can develop a powerful approach to breath and air control, aka compression, you can leverage the aperture of your vocal chords with your air pressure to REALLY power up your resonance and build that high range – even with grit! Chord closure, aka “adduction” is the second phase of your vocal journey, and really requires you to have a working understanding of posture, breathing, resonance and vowels first, so make sure you book in to develop your foundation, then we’ll get to chord closure when you’re ready!

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