Resonance 101 Part 5

Resonance 101 | Part 5

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Important points from this video:

  • Release as you ascend
  • Use lip trills and the ‘cat purr’ to release through your registers
  • Hold back your air
  • Control your soft palate properly to ensure consistency in your resonance

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2 thoughts on “Resonance 101 Part 5

    1. Yes and no! The soft palate should be raised when you’re singing a vowel, this causes the nose to be blocked off internally – so, yes, for vowels you should have the soft palate raised against the ‘door to the nose’ so to speak. As for resonant consonants such as M and N, your soft palate should actually be OPEN with air travelling into your nose, so you need to learn correct control of your soft palate to sing correctly. This allows your voice to resonate better/without strain, and also fixes any nasality or boomy tone issues.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


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