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So you’re a beginner singer.

You’re SERIOUS about becoming a great singer.

You want to learn the right way to sing.

But you’re not sure where to start.

It’s a MINEFIELD out there, right?

I hear you – I was obviously where you’re at now many moons ago and I faced the same questions, the same struggles, the same BS;

Aggressive marketing.

Ego-Gurus saying “they’re the best”.

Confusing terms and techniques.

Classical tuition that makes you sing like an owl.

Fuddy duddy teachers who tell you NOT to sing high – I mean, WHY would you bother?

Nay Sayers.


Negative comments on YouTube.

Approaches, courses and lessons that just seem TOO GOOD to really be TRUE.

Basically, everything you’re experiencing right now that leads you to building absolutely ZERO vocal range.

^ These exact problems are the ones that led me to create the foundation vocal method – a singing approach designed for singers who just SICK of the bullshit. Sick of the crap. Sick of looking at red-faced-coaches straining and straining to sing rock – or worse, teachers who can’t sing at all. Sick of natural singers who know NOTHING about your struggles. Sick of not being able to sing high notes. Sick of being a bad singer. Sick of being told to “sing like you speak”.

Sick of wasting money <- This was the big one for me.

After spending over $15,000 on singing lessons, courses, training and tuition over many years, I finally cracked the code to great singing:

Effortless range.


Ease and freedom.

The ability to sing ANY song.



Oh, and did I mention that crazy range and insane power that comes with great technique?

Your eyeballs are probably exploding from how awesome this sounds, so let me save you any further reading but just SHOWING YOU how to be a better singer yourself – no BS, no marketing, no “I’m the best” – just solid technique and training that you can apply in your own singing right now.

Oh yeah, there’s a super embarrassing “before and after” of my own singing voice.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you’re EVER going to learn as a singer:

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