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Coaching Singing at Bohemian Vocal Studio has been my full-time gig since 2010 – I started singing over 15 years ago and tried every course, every ‘teach yourself to sing’ blog, youtube channel and also paid for lessons with professional coaches, even the REALLY expensive ones. I’ll tell you absolutely everything I learned from the costly sessions right here and now:

  1. Anyone who says they have the ‘secret’ is flat out LYING to you
  2. Most singing coaches out there don’t understand how to teach a baritone
  3. most coaches don’t understand how to teach rock!

There is NO secret to singing – the house analogy

I can sum up everything you’ll ever need to learn how to sing AMAZINGLY in about two sentences with an analogy I often use about building a house , here goes:

Learn to breathe diaphragmatically – this is your foundation. Learn to place your voice – this is the structural integrity. Develop your vowels – these are your walls. Learn proper diction – this is your roof. Learn about delivery and tone – these are your fittings and trimmings.

Pretty simple right? I bet noone has ever put it that simply to you – learn to breathe, learn placement, learn vowels, learn diction, learn tone and delivery. This is EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to learn to sing like the greats, I’m serious. Out of interest, here’s me, a natural low baritone singing some Adele;


Professional singing lessons at home

This is where the modern age is super cool for learning how to sing – when I first started out, I didn’t even have a smartphone, just a little flip phone that had no internet, no camera and a super vintage aerial you had to pull up before making a call – I took a bus for half an hour to go see a stuffy Opera coach who said things like “you CANNOT sing in the tenor range” and “Rock is not singing, it’s yelling” and “Appoggio, my boy, appoggio!”. These days, you can find a vocal coach only and take professional singing lessons at home – see that booking calendar to your right? If there’s a spot still available, we can do a Skype call tonight and I’ll teach you everything I know about healthy singing technique, in particular how to sing ROCK!

My studio is now based internationally, with a large base of students in Europe (sweden in particular!), USA, and of course a few students spread about here in Australia – you can find the perfect vocal coach now and take sessions in your own home. SUPER cool.

Learn to sing in your own practice space

We’ve all taken lessons, been singing great at the studio space with our teacher – then gone home to absolutely blow our voices out… what changed? With Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you can have lessons at home in your OWN practice space that you use daily, so there’s nothing left to chance when you head off to practice by yourself – get some practice time in straight after a session with BVS rather than trekking in silence for a hour and forgetting all the cool stuff you just learned.

Learn the RIGHT way.

With over 10 years teaching experience under my belt, my background in classical singing and my heart well and truly in Rock ‘n Roll will assure you learn the RIGHT way without pushing, shouting or hurting your voice – vocal health is my number 1 priority! You really CAN sing Rock, like me, and do so in a healthy way – you just need to find a vocal coach that UNDERSTANDS what it takes to be a great rock singer, and an added bonus if you’re a guy with a deep voice like me, understands that the baritone voice simply works DIFFERENTLY to that of a Tenor or female singer and requires a special approach!

Book a session today

Click on the calendar to your right to register and book a session with me personally from the comfort of your own home using Skype – lets power up that voice and build an incredible range together!

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