Professional Singing Lessons

Professional Singing Lessons

So, you’re looking for professional singing lessons and want to finally get the answers to those nagging questions that don’t seem to be covered in Joe YouTube’s videos or in the science jumbo you’ve looked up on Wikipeda – or maybe you’ve even taken a few singing lessons here and there already and they just didn’t cut it for creating the voice you KNOW you have within you.. but just aren’t sure how to let out.

I felt like this for a very long time while taking singing lessons with numerous local singing teachers and even trying out a few different courses – this was pre-YouTube days so mostly CDs and books I bought through guitar magazines; but I always just felt like there was something that everyone else “got” that I just “didn’t get”.

I even started to question whether I really had what it takes to ever be a great singer, or even a singer at all.

Does this sound familiar?

One thing I personally found with the singing lessons I attended so many years ago, is that they were plentiful in scales and exercises – but very light in the actual fundamentals of how the voice worked. Sure, we all know that lip trills are great for the voice; but HOW and WHY are they good for the voice? I’m sure you’re already know that diaphragmatic breathing is key to building support; but HOW and WHY does this occur? These were the burning questions that I kept taking along to my singing teachers, and very rarely received an answer to other than; keep practising lip trills.

I obviously became very frustrated with this process of back and forth to each lesson with question after question that really didn’t get answered in any way other than; keep practising.

At this point, I really felt like giving up and maybe just focusing on my guitar playing instead – maybe I just had a bad voice and no one could help me?

I Felt Like Giving Up Singing

That is, until I discovered my vocal foundation. This was the main thing my initial singing lessons lacked when I first started learning how to sing – the base fundamentals of HOW my voice worked and HOW to practice each exercise correctly to improve my issues as a singer;

  • Connecting chest and head voice
  • Mixed resonance
  • Consistent Airflow
  • Forward Placement
  • Support
  • Forming vowels properly
  • Balanced Onsets
  • Each element of vocal foundation

Once I discovered and developed my vocal foundation, my voice grew in range and improved in tone beyond my wildest dreams. In a relatively short period (after almost ten years of struggling to sing at all – not to mention probably that many thousands of dollars invested in singing lessons and courses that just didn’t work), I went from feeling like I had no future as a singer to achieving a professional and powerful singing voice that was beyond my wildest dreams.

There’s no magic bullet, there’s no special technique, there’s no secret – only vocal foundation.

I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy – it has taken dedication, practice, perseverance, experimentation, many setbacks and even more “Eureka!” moments along the way; but I’ve complied every aspect of vocal foundation into a vocal method that simply works. No bells, no whistles – just great vocal technique and even better singing. I refer to this approach as the Foundation vocal method; either through personalised professional singing lessons or through my set of courses; Foundation 101 & Growth 101

Along with the courses, I’ve also been providing professional singing lessons worldwide since 2014, and have been teaching professionally for a decade – along with 20 years of my own personal experience with the highs and lows of learning how to sing.

I’m not going to tell you how great I am, or that I’m better than the next guy – I’m going to invite you to my private singing group Mixed Voice Singing where I meet with my own students and help beginner and professional singers alike improve their voices in a welcoming but closed community. Got a few questions about compression or vowel modification that no one will answer? Join the group and I’ll share with you the solution to many of the issues you’re experiencing. You can even ask everyone in the group for recommendations on singing lessons with me – they’ll give you an unbiased and personal account with their experiences learning to sing with the Foundation vocal method and professional singing lessons with me personally.

Join The Group

You can even get started right now with the Foundation vocal approach in this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson which will show you the exact process I use to help my students connect their chest and head voice to created mixed resonance to increase their range and improve their tone instantly.

Instead of just telling you any further about how great it is to sing with so much freedom and power, how about I SHOW you exactly what you can achieve with this powerful yet simple approach to great singing – Here’s just a few examples of the voice the Foundation vocal approach has given me, yes, even as a Baritone –┬áJust imagine what you are going to achieve when you are free of strain and tension when you sing!

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