Professional singing lessons

Professional singing lessons

Are you looking for professional singing lessons with the absolute best vocal coach, experienced in different singing stylesand well versed in coaching even the most difficult voice range and troubleshooting even the thickest accents to sing with POWER, freedom, resonance and ease? Since launching in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the PREMIER destination for professional singing lessons in the world.

Providing online singing lessons beginners through to touring professionals, BVS is synonymous with Rock Singing Lessons and a POWERFUL singing voice.

Professional singing lessons have never been easier than online singing lessons with Kegan here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – rock singing lessons, pop singing lessons, home singing lessons, local singing lessons, country singing lessons and metal singing lessons are held each day with BVS.

Can you teach me how to sing? Absolutely, with extensive experience coaching students of all walks and levels of experience all around the world from New York to Russia, and Hong Kong to Australia, your singing voice will significantly benefit from singing lessons on line with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

Can you show me how to get a better singing voice? You bet! Coaching students to how to sing with a POWERFUL and FREE voice is my speciality, you can book a session with me today and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Will you show me how to sing from your diaphragm? I can actually show you that RIGHT NOW if you like with my complimentary foundations short courses. You will see a huge improvement in your diaphragmatic breathing after setting up your posture correctly;

  • Head up
  • Shoulders back and down
  • Chin parallel with the floor
  • Ribs out (sternum ‘up’)

Now, breathe using your diaphragm sing with a light and resonant tone and allow your voice to ‘sit’ above your top teeth – can you feel how your voice flows much more free now that you’ve learned how to sing from your diaphragm? Bingo, diaphragmatic breathing is your first step in the right direction to a powerful singing voice.

The truth is, you don’t actually sing using your diaphragm, you first breathe USING your diaphragm, which in turn allows you to sing with resonance instead of airflow. So, terms like diaphragm singing, how to sing from your diaphragm, singing stomach, singing breath control and others all refer to one thing – the proper singing breathing technique known as diaphragmatic breathing.

Singing Lessons On Line

Bohemian Vocal Studio provides singing lessons on line using Skype (or Zoom) and can reach even the most remote location where you might not have access to local singing lessons, or a vocal coach who understands your unique voice type, or the singing style you desire to develop.

How do singing lessons on line work? Online singing lessons work just like local singing lessons, and I’m often told by my students that their sessions feel like “live youtube singing lessons”, learning how to sing online has never been easier than with Bohemian Vocal Studio.

How can I book online singing lessons with BVS? It’s super easy to book a singing lesson with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio – simply navigate to the online booking calendar and lock in an available spot at your convenience. Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the most respected singing studio online and continues to draw students each week from all around the globe.

Are you ready to power up your voice and take professional singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio? You can book in today and meet with the very best singing teacher in the comfort of your own home!

With Bohemian Vocal Studio you’ll receive the very best vocal coaching from one of the very best voice coaches available – experienced in every singing style, even the most difficult voice types and of course seasoned at coaching students with thick accents of varying kinds. No matter your voice type, vocal range, native tongue or preferred style – singing lessons on line with Bohemian Vocal Studio really WILL help you reach your goals and encourage you to build a POWERFUL and PRACTICAL vocal range that allows you to sing in any range with any style!

Now only will you recieve the very best vocal coaching from one of the best vocal coaches out there, you’ll all recieve ongoing feedback and coaching after your singing lesson with Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio. Book in today to recieve professional singing lessons and learn only the top proper singing techniques!

Singing techniques beginners

Known for coaching both touring professionals and also absolute beginners, Bohemian Vocal Studio will show you the most effective voice training techniques available for your level of singing experience. Even as a complete beginner who has never sung a single note, BVS will teach you resonance in singing, diaphragmatic breathing, how to increase your vocal range, how to sing with power and how to sing with a killer tone!

One of the most importannt vocal training techniques you’ll learn with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio is how to sing in mix voice. I’m sure you’ve heard of Chest Voice Vs Head Voice – but did you know there is a third “secret” singing register that the Pros ALL sing with that beginners often aren’t shown? Your middle voice is the secret sauce of a powerful singing range that will show you how to connect chest and head voice, sing with power, increase your range and sing in a clear, consistent and beautiful tone no matter where in your voice you are singing, or what style you prefer. Here’s a practical tutorial I’ve put together to show you how to access your middle voice and stay there:

Are you ready to power up your singing voice and learn how to sing in mix voice with professional singing lessons at Bohemian Vocal Studio? Get the absolute best vocal coaching from the top voice coach online!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

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