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Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio! I started BVS in 2010 after spending a number of years training my voice to sing ROCK with a powerful, yet healthy voice – surprisingly Rock Vocal Training isn’t that common, and most of the coaches that were around in the days I was a beginner either weren’t really into rock personally (I’m a GIANT rock ‘n roll fan!), or on the flipside simply didn’t understand proper singing technique and my voice type well enough to keep my voice safe while building my range. I ended up taking classical and Opera singing lessons for years while developing my own approach for use with ROCK singing, so my method involves a mix of classical and contemporary ideas, and the simplest approach to Rock Vocal Training that I’ve found online. Learning to sing doesn’t have to be a huge trauma, it can be fun, easy and a really rewarding experience… IF you have the right vocal coach who understands the music you want to sing, and just as important, understands just how unique your voice is.

Rock Vocal Training starts with your foundation

Starting with a healthy foundation is the ONLY way to sing with Rock Vocal Technique. If you learn how to support your voice properly, learning the tricky stuff and advanced techniques as you’re ascending higher and singing with more power will get easier and easier – if your breathing isn’t correct, everything else in the structure will fall.

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Support
  • Open Throat

DistortionThese four points will get you MORE of that ‘rock’ sound than all of the pushing and shouting in the world, and when you start developing your advanced techniques like the ones below, you’ll realise that all the fun and power in rock singing comes from that foundation up. When we’ve built a super healthy foundation, we can then work on the more advanced techniques that will increase your range and build your power!

  • Vowel modification
  • Placement
  • Resonance
  • Delivery
  • Diction
  • Distortion

Not all voices are born the same

This is what I realised after many years of Opera and Classical singing lessons, my voice just wasn’t built like other people’s voices, and certainly not built the same way as my Tenor and female singing coaches. With my naturally low baritone range, classical voice train was great, but what I need was specially designed Rock Vocal Training – after 15 years of developing my own approach and style using a mixture of classical and contemporary vocal technique, my Vocal Studio is now based internationally and reaches students in an average of around 12+ different countries each week with the best online singing lessons available for lovers of Rock via Skype.

Where can I get Rock Singing Lessons?

I can teach you in the comfort of your own home! With my Skype studio I have a large base of European students, a number in the USA, some in Asia and of course quite a few here in Australia – it doesn’t matter where you live, we can meet over Skype on your own laptop or iPad and I can show you how to sing ROCK in your own loungeroom or practice space!

You can check out my free video lessons in the other posts here at BohemianVocalStudio.com or on my YouTube channel. Here’s a video I put together recently illustrating a really EASY way to increase your range by building your mix voice, or, middle voice:

<iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/MOtrE1y6Bz8″ allowfullscreen=”” height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ width=”500″></iframe>

See how easy it is to build your voice with the RIGHT vocal coach? When it comes to Rock Singing Lessons, Bohemian Vocal Studio has become one of the top vocal studios in the world for developing a powerful ROCK singing voice, and you can see from my approach that it’s simple, makes sense and most importantly, really works. Check out some of my videos and try it for yourself!

Who are the best rock singers?

It’s up to your personal preference, but there’s a HUGE amount of great rock singers out there, some with amazing singing technique, others with dubious technique but killer delivery! For good technique and amazing tone, I love Paul Rodgers, Chris Cornell, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Layne Staley – tons of 70’s Rock singers like the guys from The Eagles, John Fogerty… the list goes on! In more contemporary terms Myles Kennedy is also incredible. I also love a ton of other singers that fall outside ‘rock’, like Adele and Florence Welch, and my all time favourite Jim Croce.

To me, a great rock singer can either be someone who has incredible vocal technique and powerful control over their voice like Chris Cornell, or on the flipside someone with TONS of personality and raw delivery like Iggy Pop. Let me know in the comments below which singers are your favourite!

YOU can become one of the top rock singers out there by learning proper vocal techniques like diaphragmatic breathing, compression and vowel modification through Bohemian Vocal Studio – it’s been my specialty for over 7+ years to teach my students how to sing ROCK and work out how their favourite singers are “hitting that note” or “Getting that tone”.

How can I start Rock Vocal Training?

You can book a session with me personally by clicking on the booking calendar to your right in the sidebar – simply purchase some credit and lock in the Skype time of your choice and we’ll get right to it! I’ll show you how to:

  • Breathe using your diaphragm
  • Sing using resonance
  • Modify your vowels for increased range
  • Control your frequencies
  • Sing your favourite songs
  • Sing like your favourite singers
  • Learn to self diagnose issues
  • Warm up correctly
  • Build your voice exponentially with my simple steps-based approach
  • Tons and TONS more!

Are you ready to start building a killer voice with Rock Vocal Training? Book a session with me in the calendar to your right and we can get started as soon as tomorrow!

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