Professional Rock Singing Lessons

Professional Rock Singing Lessons

Since 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has been providing professional rock singing lessons worldwide and has steadily grown into the premier singing studio for Rock Singing Lessons online. Reaching students each week all throughout the world from India, to Australia, all through Europe and the USA, Bohemian Vocal Studio is available for private singing lessons no matter WHERE you live!

With a special niche in developing ‘difficult’ voices and voice types, along with a specialised understanding of accents and different languages, Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio can help you build a powerful voice no matter your natural vocal range or native tongue!

Private singing lessons

Along with all the fantastic resources available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio and our ever-growing YouTube channel, you can book private singing lessons with Kegan that are tailored to your voice and come with the added benefit of ongoing support following each lesson. Whether you’re looking for pop singing lessons, rock singing lessons or even heavy metal singing lessons – Kegan has experience coaching everything from the poppiest R’nB to the heaviest of rock, and everything in between!

  • Learn how to sing in mix voice
  • How to sing higher
  • How to hit high notes without straining
  • How to sing consonant sounds
  • Troubleshoot your accent and voice type
  • Learn songs, songs and more songs!
  • Build resonance and power!
  • So much more!

Rock singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio

Being a ‘rock guy’ from day one, Kegan has the special benefit for all you rock fans out there – having studied the top rock singers like Chris Cornell, Paul Rodgers, Myles Kennedy and Robert Plant, Kegan’s studio is the first, and last stop you’ll need to take if you want to learn how to sing ROCK!

Learn how to sing with the premier online singing lessons studio worldwide at the click of a button! You can now sign into our online calendar  and select a session time at your own convenience – my calendar will even provide your with a time conversion into your chosen timezone when you click on an available spot in the calendar (the main calendar will stay in Brisbane AEST, but your time will show in light grey when you click on a spot!). It’s never been easier to take Rock Singing Lessons from the top rock singing coach available online.

Professional online singing lessons

Since opening in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily become known as the premier vocal studio for rock singing lessons worldwide, and is now based 100% online – providing online singing lessons worldwide each week to hundreds of students all over the globe.

What do I need for online singing lessons?

You simply need a reliable internet connection and a ‘smart’ device like a PC/Laptop or even smartphone. You can easily download the Skype (or Zoom if you prefer!) app for free and we can get started with online singing lessons right away.

Do you also give beginners singing lessons?

Absolutely, I personally love providing beginners singing lessons because it’s a ‘clean slate’ for me – without any misinformation or confusion from other courses or coaches effecting your progress. If you’re a beginner, you’ve totally come to the right place! You can book a beginners singing lesson with me today.

I’m already a singer/I already take lessons – can you help?

Absolutely, I also coach touring professionals often, along with seasoned singers looking for answers and a tweak to their technique. I teach any level of singing, from professional singers through to absolute beginners.

How do I book an online singing lesson with you?

Sign into the booking calendar and choose an available spot at your convenience – it’s really THAT easy!

Are you ready to POWER UP your singing voice and take your singing to the next level? Hit “Book” at the very top of your screen today and lets sing with POWER!

Feel free to leave any questions or feeback below!

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