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You’ve probably seen in my other videos , seen in online singing lessons or  even been told by a local singing coach at some point to “keep your throat open” or “relax your throat” – sure, which is all good and well, but if you’ve ever tried to sing before, especially rock, the first thing that happens especially on the higher notes is “bam!” your throat constricts and closes up. So how do the pros do it? How do you keep your throat open? How to sing with open throat?

I’ve done a short video below on the specific steps I take to keep my throat open and un-engaged while singing, which is absolutely the key to how I’ve developed and built my singing range and specifically how I’m able to sing higher as a baritone (actually, bass).

Check out the video below for the detailed steps on how I keep my throat open while singing!

When I first started taking Opera and classical singing lessons, I soon learned that while classical singing technique has alot of truth, weight and history to it, it’s largely not catered towards baritones and low singers like myself. I’ve spent the last 15 years deciphering all the archaic and confusing terminology and techniques like “Inhalara la voce” into simple terms and really broken through to their origins rather than just rehashing second hand information like “Sing in front of the face!” which truly causes more harm in a baritone than good – however well it may work for a female singer who is singing Opera.

Being honest, keeping your throat open and keeping your jaw and tongue disengaged is the next step in building a healthy, powerful singing voice once you’ve learned the simple steps of how to breathe properly.  Of course, there is more to it than simply “Breathe and stay open!” to singing like Adele, Paul Rodgers, Chris Cornell or Freddie Mercury – your voice is a journey you need to take with someone who really knows the mechanism well and can teach you to sing properly with your voice in mind and help you through the individual hurdles we all come across along the way to becoming great singers, so, if you’re ready to start building your own powerful, OPEN singing voice with tons of range, ease of power and a beautiful tone, book a session with me now!

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