Five reasons why positivity is the key to success

This applies not only to learning how to sing and how to improve your vocal range, but in every aspect of life – from every day hurdles, to running a successful business, to growth in any form as a person; Positivity truly is the key to success.

  1. If you see life through a positive lens, you’ll never feel stuck or at an end – the solution is in the problem itself
  2. Positivity is contagious (read: Negativity is contagious)
  3. Negative people and negative energy are dissipated by positive energy – who can hold back a smile when you’re met with a smiling face and a big “Hello!” or “That was great!”?
  4. Positivity frees you of fear
  5. Positivity leads to action

These have all applied to my life personally and are all tied to Bohemian Vocal Studio intrinsically.

When I first started Bohemian Vocal Studio around 2010, I was very reluctant, in fact, against releasing YouTube videos or even simple posts like this with my name or face on them, all out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of being ridiculed, fear of having this or that pointed out, fear of imperfection – fear not only ruled my life, but apparently ran my business too. With my meek little Gumtree classified simply stating “Singing Lessons available”, I was lucky enough to have positivity come my way in the form of many students, who as they improved, built me up and encouraged me to “do more!” with my voice and with my coaching, to set up this website and release videos, tell people about my own music and just Get. Out. There.

Just like my second point above, their positivity truly was contagious, and with their help, I’ve built Bohemian Vocal Studio into a successful studio that coaches rock singing worldwide and so far has reached at least 10+ different countries other than Australia where I currently teach from, I’m amazed, thrilled and ever so thankful for the positivity of so many of my students, and even the random comments on YouTube or via email that have said “You’ve changed my life!” or “Finally, someone who SHOWS you how to do it”.

I originally started with a few simple videos in my loungeroom, lit ever so unprofessionally and with less than the best acoustics, I just let the camera run and did my thing, just like I would in a real session. Honestly, the first few were terrible, and of course, YouTube is a harsh place for the uninitiated and I copped an absolute beating about this, that, the other thing. I can’t believe some of the things that people are capable of saying to each other, and the pure cruelty dished out to someone who was sharing, for free almost a lifetime of study and hard work, again, for free. I didn’t understand, I was showing people, for free, what I’d paid thousands of dollars in personal coaching and courses to develop on my own, what problem could they have with that?

Rather than run, I took the good with the bad and tried to work out what people were actually saying. I replied to alot of those harsh comments about my coaching with positivity and a “thanks” for their feedback and you know what? 90% of the time I got a much more positive response back and an explanation as to why the initial comment and how I could maybe improve my videos in the future. Most came back to say “you have a great voice and you can really sing – but you just don’t SOUND like so and so” or “You just don’t have the thing that so and so’s voice does” or “So and so’s videos are lit much better than yours” and it finally clicked – out of fear, I was hiding behind other singers and putting my videos out as “How to sound like this person” (which is definitely not my forte) rather than “Develop this powerful singing technique so you can sing in ANY range” (which absolutely IS my forte!) – the responses to my videos have been really positive since, and while I do get the occasional “You’re a hack – you don’t sound anything LIKE blah blah”, I now know the best way to respond – with a quick “thanks!” and technical explanation why I’m singing a certain way, or perhaps why my vowel positions differ to a Tenor or Alto, being that I’m a bass.

I’m not here to share some shiny, perfect, edited ‘cover’ recorded by an engineer in a recording studio – I’m here to show you how to sing without any bells or whistles, and show you what you can do with your own voice once you’ve learned how to control your voice with healthy singing technique and open up the power in your voice like I have.

I realise now that a quick YouTube singing lesson doesn’t really show what has gone into my voice and this studio, and how I’m capable of helping a viewer build their own voice – when someone hears me sing Bon Jovi or even an Adele song, they probably don’t realise at face value my natural range is that of a bass, and 15 years of study and hard work have allowed me to sing into the tenor or even contralto range of these singers – this is what I’m sharing here at Bohemian Vocal Studio; Healthy technique and a powerful voice that will give you the tools to take your own singing in any direction you want, for hard rock to soft pop and everything in between.

Like I said, positivity is contagious.

Taking the negative, and turning fear around on itself and facing criticism has built my confidence immensely, not only as a singer, but as a vocal coach and also helped build my people skills. I realise how frustrating it is learning how to sing, and how much crap information is out there that muddies the waters, or how one approach may work for one but not another – I just leave it all at the door and start fresh each time I coach a session or each time I make a new singing video for my channel or website. Positivity frees you of fear and leads you to action, the more positivity I get sent back to me drives me to do more, create more and coach more – remember, the solution to the problem lies in the problem itself.

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

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  1. What a great blog. Straight from the heart. It takes courage and humility to be able to speak from the heart these days, especially on a public forum! Keep it up because someone has to

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