Placement + Mixed Voice = Singing With Perfect Pitch

Placement and Mixed Voice Will Show You


Singing with great pitch.

It’s elusive, right?

You practice day in, day out – scale after scale after scale;

Yet you’re still pitchy.

What gives?

What is the SECRET that great singers know that you don’t know about singing with perfect pitch?

I’ll tell you right now – you’re making a sound first, then LISTENING for the pitch after the fact.

So you’re always chasing your tail.

It’s like firing a gun – then looking for a target after the bullet has left the barrel.

Flinging paint at a wall before deciding on a colour.

Driving blindfolded.

I’m sure you catch my drift. No matter HOW MUCH your practice, HOW MANY scales you sing, HOW MANY courses you buy: you’re always going to a pitchy singer with this haphazard approach.

“Yeah yeah dude, we get it, now just tell me the secret to great pitch!” I hear you say.

Well here it is:

Placement + Mixed Voice = Perfect Pitch.

I’ll venture a guess you’ve never thought about placement and mixed tonality playing a part in your pitchiness as a singer, right? You’ve focused on support, you’ve focused on runs, you’ve practiced scales; but you’re forgetting the fundamentals.

And that’s really what all great singing comes down to: The Four Vocal Fundamentals

If you want to master ’em, hit that little link above and I’ll SHOW YOU how to sing with each of the Four Vocal Fundamentals right now – for free.

But there’s something just as important that I REALLY want you to know, and it’s something that tons of people “talk about” or tell you “you need” – but they never actually show you how to do it yourself.

But that’s about to change.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you’re EVER going to learn as a singer – and yes, I’m going to SHOW YOU how to actually do it yourself.

There’s also a super embarrassing “Before and After” of my own singing voice in the video too:

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