Placement Booster

Placement Booster

Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Placement Booster warmup. In this premium warmup we’re going to simplify the often confusing concept of placement with these three simple placement exercises. Are you ready to find your placement? Lets get started. If you’re a premium member, you can log in below – otherwise, you can join us to access the placement booster here.

Booster warmups are intended as an addition to the Foundation and Growth 101 singing courses or personal coaching with Kegan here at Bohemian Vocal Studio. You can also join as a basic member to use these booster warmups and tools like the vowel translator – but do keep in mind all the ‘meat and potatoes’ information and tutorials are contained within the Foundation 101 singing course, which I recommend you start with.

Lesson 1. What is Vocal Placement

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 0″][/one_half]Vocal placement is the technique of managing resonance and frequencies in a way that makes the most out of the efficient resonators of the voice; the pharynx, the mouth and the nasal resonators. Before we get started with the warmup, please watch the following video to learn the basics of placement before we move forward into the booster warmup.

So, the two most important aspects of placement in the initial Foundation stage of learning to sing are placement within the efficient resonators of the voice, and finally forward placement which requires development of the first step to ensure freedom from strain and tension.

Placement type 1 – Placement within the three main resonators of the voice

Placement type 2 – Forward placement (directing resonance to the harder/forward parts of the tract)

Placement type 3 – Dominant resonator for each register to ensure fluid connection

Let’s get started with the Placement Booster warmup!

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If you have any questions about the exercises and techniques in this Placement Booster warmup, you’re welcome to leave any feedback or questions in the ‘leave a reply’ box below.


Placement really is one of the most powerful and important singing techniques you need to learn, but with this booster warmup it’s super simple to achieve and develop with time. Take it slow, practice light and gentle like I have demonstrated each exercise and make sure to ask questions if you’re having trouble with any of these placement exercises.

Using this booster along with the Vowel Translator and Consonant Guide will be an absolute game changer for your voice.

If you haven’t already signed up to the Foundation 101 singing course, this is a great place to start building a powerful and rock solid foundation for your voice. Foundation in singing really is like the foundation of a house, the concrete slab that your range and tone are built upon – and placement is like the mortar that holds your voice together as one fluid and resonant sound throughout your full range.

If you have any questions about the placement booster or how to sing in mixed voice, you’re welcome to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Hello Kegan

    I would be interested in purchasing the foundation 101 course. Are there any audio practice exercices included in the course , as I do my vocal practice in my car



    • Hey Tom!

      It’s mainly video based, and there is an audio portion that is embedded on the site itself – so, you can copy these files to your phone if you like. I’m actually looking at putting together a car specific warmup at some point in the future too, as there’s a few differences in your support and perception when you sing in the car.


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