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You've probably heard the term "Open Throat" thrown around on YouTube like it's going out of style - but it's rarely explained in any way other than as some secret, mystery, magic technique that only great singers and voice coaches actually know how to do; and the rest of us are stuck with our closed throats and limited range.

But I'm here to show you that there's an EASIER way to sing better, and a simple explanation for what Open Throat singers are really doing - and how you can do it yourself.

Watch this Open Throat tutorial video to learn exactly how to sing with an open throat - the right way.

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When we talk about "Open Throat" technique - it's more a collection of techniques that fit together to help you sing without strain.

This is why noone else has really explained it to you in a practical way before; because it actually means a bunch of different things;

  • Raised soft palate to create a pharyngeal vowel
  • Forward placement to bring the voice out of the throat
  • Full connection between chest and head voice
  • Mixed tonality between chest and head voice
  • Releasing strain and tension before they happen
  • Effective breath control using compression and support

As you can see, it's easier just to lump all of those concepts and techniques together under the banner "open throat" technique - the "open" really meaning modifying your vowel in your resonant space and singing with forward placement to resonate in the bones of the face instead of being stuck in the "throat".

In many ways, Open Throat Technique feels 'closed' as you achieve powerful compression, excellent vocal fold closure, airflow resistance and a vowel formed in the back of the head instead of in your mouth.

Singing with an open throat is EASY when you learn to modify your vowels correctly.

If you haven't done so yet, I encourage you to download this free Vowel Modification cheat-sheet to help you achieve an Open Throat when you sing.



Watch the video below for the most comprehensive Open Throat singing tutorial that you're going to find online - seriously, noone else is just giving you this kind of advanced training, and here it is for free:

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