Online Vocal Coaching Is Dead [RIP Learning To Sing]

Online Vocal Coaching Is Dead… But There’s a


Have you searched for singing lessons or vocal tips on YouTube or Google lately? It’s all Voice Coach Reacts videos with no real singing or training, it’s all The Voice and reality TV instead of real singers following their dreams, it’s guys who are yelling and straining, it’s other guys who say ridiculous shit like “sing like a dying cat!” and worst of all – it’s all marketing terms, scams and sales.

Basically – Vocal Coaching Is Dead.

But we humans are a resilient bunch, and from the ashes something bigger and better always rises.

A better way to sing.

A better way to learn.

And as the old guard smoulders in the wreckage of useless “voice coach reacts” videos, a new PROVEN approach to becoming a better singer has quietly been putting roots down and building a rabid following for years in the underground.

Instead of keeping up with the trends of Tik Tok videos, Voice Coach Reacts videos and all that crap that you surely realise is just wasting your time – I’ve been following my own dreams as a singer to show you that it really CAN be done, and you really CAN reach your goals and dreams; and you don’t need any of that trendy shit to make it happen.

You need to find someone who is doing exactly what you want to be doing;

Someone who is nailing Alice In Chains covers.

Someone who is writing their own music.

Someone who has built their own approach to teaching vocal technique in a PRACTICAL way.

Someone who is actually out there helping singers like you become better.

Someone like you who hates marketing fluff and voice coach reacts videos with a freakin’ passion.

If that sounds like you, you absolutely MUST watch this video on The Four Vocal Fundamentals; because you’re about to learn more in less than ten minutes than you’ve learned from YEARS of trawling YouTube for tricks, hacks and the next big trend in voice coaching.

Online Voice Coaching is Dead – so it’s the perfect time for you to start building the foundation of your new voice;

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