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Yo! I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio (that’s me to the left doing my thing)

I’ve been singing for over 20 years now (let’s be conservative and say I’m now “40-ish”)

… And coaching professionally for over a decade.

I’ve taught students in 30+ countries all around the world – singers that are now renowned voice coaches themselves, professional wedding singers, professional singer songwriters releasing albums and so many other singers turning their passion into a profession.

^ Yep, there’s a link in each one of those so you can check out what my students are now doing.

But you don’t really care about all that, or what my other students are doing now, right?

You probably don’t even care about my new album with my band Dead Spirit Communion where I’m totally wailing G5’s like nobody’s business half the time.

You want to learn how to sing better yourself, right?

Wail those high notes with ease.

Have a killer tone.




I hear you – I’ve been exactly where you are.

It might be a rare thing for a voice coach of my ilk to say – but I was an absolutely AWFUL singer to begin with.



No range.

I blew out my voice three songs into our set EVERY gig.

Basically, I sounded terrible and everyone but me knew it.

Until my voice gave out underneath me and I finally had to take stock of where I was at, where I was going – and ultimately what I was doing to my precious instrument.

Instead of boring you with the details, I’d love to tell you the important stuff about my journey as a singer with less than 1 octave of range as a beginner to a pro singer with around 4 octaves of range a professional voice teaching studio that reaches singers in countries all around the globe in this video.

Watch this video to learn the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn about singing:

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  1. This is a very interesting topic and as someone who can’t sing at all, it has me intrigued! It’s good to now that there is quality coaching available to help with singing styles and accents.

    I wish you all the best!

  2. I am a professional contemporary christian music artist. I also sing on many faith-based film soundtracks. I am getting ready to go into the studio in the next couple of weeks. The name of my new radio single is REACH FOR THE STAR. This line is repeated many times in the song. My question is do sing the R in the word Star or completely eliminate it from the word? I took years of voice lessons but one teacher said to elminate it and one other source tells me to touch on it. What should I do? I want the song to sound its’ best.

    • Hey Danny! There’s a specific way you can sing closed-resonant consonants like L, R and W. For “W” as an example, you replace the W with a subtle OO sound – so “well” would become more like “oo-EH-ll”, and with practice you can make this transition absolutely seamless. “R” is exactly the same, rather than using an overly articulated speech “R”, do the same thing so it’s more along the lines of s-t-AH-oo/r (think of a French OU sound, like the first part of the word “OUI”). I work with many singers regarding consonants, so you’re welcome to book a session if you want to work through this with me. All the best, – K

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