Online Vocal Coach

Online Vocal Coach

Learning how to sing online is easy with an Online Vocal Coach who understands how frustrating and confusing the process of learning how to sing can be. With so many vocal methods and YouTube singing videos out there – where do you start?

The Standard Learning Curve

The Standard Learning Curve

The standard learning curve for most singers looks a little like the diagram to the left. The initial stages of singing are often exhilarating, and with the basics alone you make a small amount of progress which gets you hooked¬†on the approach or course that you’re using, only to end up in a bottomless rut in stage two where every step forward starts to feel like 5 steps backwards. Many singers who get stuck in this rut then reach out and but more courses, or more singing lessons, more vocal approaches and spend more and more time and money on their voice – only to find themselves right back at Stage 1 heading straight towards that same rut with a different approach or teacher.

Stage 3 is usually reserved for those who were naturally talented singers in the first place, while the rest of us wallow in the Stage 2 rut and get more and more frustrated with our voices Рultimately questioning whether we ever really had what it takes to be a great singer. Pretty inefficient way to learn how to sing right?

The Foundation, Growth, Balance Learning Curve

A Better Way To Learn How To Sing

Hi, I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio. I too struggled with this same ineffective learning curve for many years, until I developed the Foundation, Growth, Balance approach to singing which breaks through that painful learning curve and ensures ongoing progress proportional to the amount of time and energy you invest in your voice.

The Foundation stage in singing is where you develop a working relationship with each element of the voice, from onsets through the vowels, resonance and breathing. By learning how to control each aspect of the voice separately, you will avoid the Stage 2 rut all together as you move towards the Growth stage of singing.

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By first developing a rock solid foundation and then “growing” each element of the voice as you progress in understanding and ability as a singer, you ensure that you’ll reach the final (and most exciting!) stage of singing, the Balance stage where you achieve an extensive range, impressive tone and you can start approaching songs that you only ever dreamed of being able to sing.

Applying yourself to the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing is easy. A great place to start is this exclusive Mix Voice singing lesson which will show you how a great Foundation will help you achieve a “mixed” resonance that is equal parts chest voice and head voice at the same time – no more vocal break!

Get Started Now

If you’re ready to get started with the Foundation stage of singing, everything I have learned in the past 20 years of singing and developed as an Online Vocal Coach for the past 10 years is available in my Foundation 101 singing course which will show you how to develop each element of the voice needed to kickstart that Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing which is helping singers just like you all around the world improve their singing and achieve the voice of their dreams.

This simple but effective approach has absolutely changed my life, and changed my voice – I can’t wait to hear how it changes yours too!

If you have any questions about the Foundation, Growth, Balance approach to singing or my approach as an experienced Online Voice Coach, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!



  1. This is a very interesting topic and as someone who can’t sing at all, it has me intrigued! It’s good to now that there is quality coaching available to help with singing styles and accents.

    I wish you all the best!

  2. I am a professional contemporary christian music artist. I also sing on many faith-based film soundtracks. I am getting ready to go into the studio in the next couple of weeks. The name of my new radio single is REACH FOR THE STAR. This line is repeated many times in the song. My question is do sing the R in the word Star or completely eliminate it from the word? I took years of voice lessons but one teacher said to elminate it and one other source tells me to touch on it. What should I do? I want the song to sound its’ best.

    • Hey Danny! There’s a specific way you can sing closed-resonant consonants like L, R and W. For “W” as an example, you replace the W with a subtle OO sound – so “well” would become more like “oo-EH-ll”, and with practice you can make this transition absolutely seamless. “R” is exactly the same, rather than using an overly articulated speech “R”, do the same thing so it’s more along the lines of s-t-AH-oo/r (think of a French OU sound, like the first part of the word “OUI”). I work with many singers regarding consonants, so you’re welcome to book a session if you want to work through this with me. All the best, – K

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