Online singing lessons beginners to advanced

Online singing lessons

Are you a complete beginner? Have you always DREAMED of singing, but never had the right opportunity to learn how? Or are you a seasoned pro, but you’re experiencing a few issues here and there?

Online Singing Lessons beginners

Since 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio have been a full service singing studio that can take your voice from complete beginner right through to the advanced stages of actually fronting a band and taking your voice into the professional arena. From basic techniques like breathing and resonance to increasing your range into a powerful singing machine, we’re the premier studio for online singing lessons and provide 1-on-1 coaching via Skype worldwide.

Having steadily grown into the premier destination for ROCK singing lessons and synonymous with GREAT singing, BVS is well versed in every singing style, even the most difficult voice types and of course Kegan has extensive experience coaching students with all manner of tricky accents and native tongues – no matter your voice type or accent, you will benefit from online singing lessons at Bohemian Vocal Studio!

Online Singing Lessons advanced

Have you purchased a singing course that you ‘understand’, but are having trouble actually putting into practice? Never fear! I also offer coaching for advanced students of all walks, from professional touring musicians to aspiring recording stars too – I can help you with your high range, your resonance and placement, fix your breathy tone and really POWER UP your voice with my simple and easy-to-understand approach.

If you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, or you’re a beginner looking for a fresh start in the right direction, you can book a session with me today here at Bohemian Vocal Studio. If you’re still finding your feet and you’re not ready to commit to anything just yet, that’s totally fine! I have a number of free foundations short courses that you can sign up to, and my YouTube channel is chock FULL of excellent tutorials and videos that will help you get you most of the way on your own, check out one of my recent tutorials below:

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