Online Singing Help (to make your singing voice better)

Online Singing Help

Are you struggling to learn how to sing? Have you bought a singing course or taken a few singing lessons and you’re looking for some online singing help and feedback about your voice? Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Mixed Voice Singing Group allows you to meet with other singers at various steps along the way of learning how to sing, from complete beginners to many of my more advanced students and professional singers – along with gaining free vocal training and singing tips that really will take your voice to the next level.

With a simple comment, or even personalised videos, Bohemian Vocal Studio can and does answer those nagging questions like “Am I a good singer?” and more technical processes like “How To Sing With Vowel Modification” or a general review of your technique and approach when you post a video in the private group.

The group is so far a 500+ strong (and growing!) group of professional singers, advanced students, hobby singers and beginners alike, and with a positive community vibe, you’ll receive multiple answers, encouragement and tips from other members of the group, and the technical aspects will be clarified by Bohemian Vocal Studio like the thread you can see to your right.

By offering this free service to such a great community, it allows me to focus on what I love the most – helping others sing better. Instead of spending days answering emails and random YouTube comments, the Mixed Voice Singing group allows you to see previous discussions and most importantly, see the incredible process that other singers are making with the simplebut effective Foundation/Growth/Balance approach that I’ve designed here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

Mixed Voice Singing is a private group for members only and new members are screened via a questionnaire – so you can privately share your practice routine or singing videos with the group without worrying about the usual riff raff on a YouTube video or public Facebook group – the group is educational and positive.

Whether you’re a rocker who’s having trouble learning how to sing like Chris Cornell (there is a TON of videos and tutorials in the group that focus on Soundgarden and Audioslave songs – Chris is one of my favourite singers personally!), that high C# in your favourite pop song is bringing you undone, or you’re simply looking for general technique advice and answers to questions that other coaches simply don’t bother to answer – or don’t like to share the answers to.

You can also view the group as an impartial observer to watch how others are approaching the songs that you love, and gain insight from the tips and coaching that Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio provides in video and content form for each question and thread in the group.

If you’re looking for online singing help, Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Mixed Voice Singing group is steadily growing into one of the strongest and definitely the most positive and effective vocal communities available – and best of all, it’s free to join!

How To Sing Better

Let me answer some of the most common questions I’ve had in the Mixed Voice Singing group here for you so you can see the insight and tips you’ll receive when you post your own video or question in the group. There are questions and answer for every level of singing in the group!

“I’m having trouble with the F4 to C5 area of the voice”

That my friends, is where mixed resonance occurs in your registers. If you’re just getting started, you probably feel like you have “two” voices – a roaring yell, or a weak falsetto instead of a strong and strain free mixed voice. That’s okay though, singing is a process. First start by practising semi occluded sounds like Lip Trills, and progress forward with the hoot exercises you’ll find in the Foundation 101 singing course – and you’ll notice this bridge starts to smooth out and ultimately blend between chest and head voice to create full connection throughout your vocal range from lowest note to highest note.

“I’m struggling to sing the word “HARD” through my bridge area”

This is where resonant space and vowels become key to your singing success. As you allow and alter resonant space in the vocal tract higher in your range, the pure sound of the word will actually change as the character of your resonance alters between the dominant resonator, and ultimately a learned modification of the vowel. As an example, the word “HARD” might subtly sound a little more like the word “HOARD” through your first break, and then “HEARD” up into your high range as the vocal tract narrows.

“Am I a bad singer?” (with a video clip)

There’s a few of these threads in the group, and instead of just a general “yes” or “no” answer, I often do a full appraisal of the singer’s approach and technique and advice where technique can be developed and adjusted to improve their singing and ultimately allow them to sing – there’s no such thing as a bad question in the Mixed Voice Singing group, I’m here to help you improve your singing, not judge.

Are you ready for online singing help from Bohemian Vocal Studio? Join the Mixed Voice Singing group today for free vocal training and professional singing tips!

If you have any questions about learning to sing, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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