New vocal App makes singing a breeze!

New vocal App makes singing a breeze!

Singing itself is a simple process, but learning HOW to sing is often a confusing and difficult task. After all, with so much conflicting information out there and so many different programs and approaches – who do you turn to when you’re having trouble singing a specific song or struggling to sing a specific song?

Bohemian Vocal Studio’s new Vowel Translator vocal App turns lyrics into the specific vowel shapes and consonant groupings needed for great singing. I know I know, you’ve heard of speech singing or speech level singing, right? Well, I’m here to show you why your singing voice and speaking voice are totally different processes, and introduce a killer new App that makes singing a breeze.

How is singing different to speech?

While singing and speech might use the same mechanism, their application and process are very different. Where you pronounce your words in speech, you actually need to articulate them using the shape of your tongue and altering your resonant space as you ascend. Learning how to do this in a scale with a vocal coach is actually pretty easy to do, but what if you want to learn a specific song that is different to the vocal exercises you’ve been practising, which vowel do you pick for each word, and how do you translate speech into these tongue shapes?

The vowel translator App has been paramount to many singers turning those scales into actual songs and has helped singers all around the world make better vowel choices and develop better vocal habits.

A game changing singing App

The vowel translator will take any lyrics you input and turn them into the specific consonant groups and vowel shapes you need for consistent and powerful singing. A great example of this is any word with an “i” in it like the word “Like” – in singing terms, this “i” sound in the middle of this word actually becomes an AH vowel punctuated by an EE at the end, while also requiring you to navigate a glottal stop on the “K”, not to mention the special form required to sing an L sound without strain, making the word oo/l-AH-EE-k when you sing (try it yourself!).

Fortunately the vowel translator does all this hard work for you and is currently capable of translating over 3000+ words into the correct form for open and resonant singing – with new words and full songs added each week! Want to try out the world’s first Vowel Translator App and make the process of learning how to sing actual songs a breeze?

If you’re new to singing, a great place to start is the free foundations short courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, and then when you’re ready to take your voice to the next level you can trial The Vowel Translator and book a Skype Session and we’ll get started building your voice!

If you have any questions about The Vowel Translator, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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