My Singing Before And After [10 Years]

My Singing Before And After [10 Years]

Its hard to take most voice coaches seriously when it’s obvious that they’re just NATURAL singers – they’ve always been great at singing and it’s just ‘easy’ for them when it can be so tough for the rest of us.

So, I thought I’d share with you a “Before and After” of my singing that shows some of the issues I used to face as a singer who really wasn’t a natural to begin with – and a bunch of ‘after’ examples that show the kind of range, power, control and consistency that I now enjoy when you learn what I’m about to share with you.

Here’s a quick Before and After clip to show you exactly where I came from as a singer, along with a number of recent “one take” clips that show the kind of singing I now enjoy (there’s also a form below this video to join the fun with the same Three-Part Vocal Plan that I started with many years ago)

How I Became A Better Singer

At this point, you’re probably expecting me to say ‘The Answer Is In My Course” like everyone else does – and sure, you’ll learn a megaton of techniques, important information and the #1 process for becoming a great singer in my courses – but I’m really hear just to show you that there really IS a light at the end of the tunnel as a singer if you’re struggling to sing high notes, or even if you feel like you’re just “not a natural”.

For me personally, it has taken many years of trial and error – and trying almost every method under the sun to learn that singing really IS super easy, and a lot of what is out there really muddies the waters and makes this simple act seem like some sort of complicated scientist (can you relate? I know I can) rather than a musician.

Ultimately, you don’t need crazy techniques like Edge or Cry – you just need to be in tune what with is happening with your voice when you sing; oh yeah, you also need a DYNAMITE foundation too!

I actually took singing lessons for MANY years before seeing any serious progress with my singing, and that’s ultimately because I ran too fast before I had learned to walk; or really, I had singing teachers who were GREAT singers and just didn’t understand why I wasn’t able to sing as easily as they could.

If you watch the full video above, you’ll hear the story of how I met my final vocal teacher that just totally broke the mold of vocal training for me. He wasn’t kind, or patient, or enthusiastic – in fact, he was pretty blunt and rude when I think back; but he forced me to focus on my vocal foundation instead of trying to reach for the next crazy technique or advanced concept to try to fix what really were just rudimentary issues in my voice.

If your voice is cracking and breaking like my voice was in the “before” video above – then no amount of glottal compression is going to help you sing better; your foundation just sucks.

Now, I did tell you that I was going to share something killer with you that didn’t involve me selling you a vocal course, so I encourage you to click on the link below to watch the full training video from above and sign up to the Three-Part-Vocal-Plan that personally changed MY life as singer.

If you’ve got Big Dreams, then you need a BIG VOICE to match – click below to learn how I built a massive singing voice, and how you can build one too!

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