March 2018 Webinar

Thanks for registering your interest in our “Master Your Mix” Webinar!

Webinar will be held at 10am AEDT (Sydney Time) on Sunday the 4th of March 2018. Limited places are remaining due to demand – if enough interest is generated a followup webinar will be held at a date to be confirmed.

Confirmation of your acceptance and the webinar link will be provided before the date.

Terms and Conditions apply.

4 thoughts on “March 2018 Webinar

  1. I hope to get in! I feel so close yet so far to actually using mix voice live. I’m looking forward to hearing others speak about their successes and frustrations trying to break old habits. Rob

    1. Thanks Rob – that’s a common feeling, where you totally ‘get’ how it’s meant to work, but it’s not always consistent in a practical sense. I’ve got another webinar still yet to be scheduled on exactly this topic – breaking bad habits. Should be the next one in line.

      What do you experience when you try to ‘sing’ in your middle voice/the middle of your range? Are you following my approach of release, place, then vowels (practical and positions)? The trick is to ‘release’ from your chest voice coordination in a natural way without your voice flipping up into a weak ‘head’ – basically, your first ‘break’ (so, around B in my range – likely higher in yours), you should be practicing with a concerted intention of singing in middle – either by way of projection, or ‘classroom voice’ so to speak.

      Let me know how you go.

      All the best,


  2. Hello Kegan,

    You might know me from YouTube – my name is “Truth will prevail.” I often leave comments expressing my gratitude for your amazing videos.

    To get to the point I need help singing in middle or mix voice because the whole concept of frequencies and singing above the mouth and placement are all foreign to me. I really need help with actually learning how to do it – not what it is and what it does (although understanding the voice is totally necessary) I have subscribed to the webinar and if I get in I will be joining.

    Thanks Kegan


    1. Hey Cameron! Awesome, that’s great – thanks for all the kind words too.

      Along with introducing the concept of middle voice and explaining ‘what’ it is (it’s an open webinar – so, students who aren’t familiar with my approach/haven’t taken sessions are still welcome and will need an introduction to the concept/mechanics), I’ll of course be showing ‘how’ it’s done in detail and a few different ways of achieving it in an easy way. That being said, it will be a general meeting rather than a tailored guide like a 1-on-1 session would be, so you’ll have to apply it to you own range in your own time. I’ll be focusing on Middle/Mix without going into much detail about other concepts in too much detail (perhaps in a later webinar), so an understanding of breathing, placement and vowels beforehand would absolutely be of benefit to you.

      I’ll also be doing a Q & A portion which should be awesome fun, but again – from my perspective as it’s not a one-on-one session.

      Looking forward to it!

      All the best,


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