Can Low Male Singing Voice Types Become GREAT Singers?


The short answer is absolutely, yes!

The longer answer, the caveat, is that it's going to take work.

It's not going to be a cakewalk.

It's not going to be easy.

But you absolutely can build a spectacular singing voice even if you have a lower voice type using the simple but PROVEN approach to vocal development I'm about to share with you.

"But how can you know for sure??" I hear you ask?

Well, I am a lower voiced guy for starters, and secondly, I've taught hundreds (if not thousands by now) of guys with deep voices how to become seriously powerhouse, dynamite, stage-destroying RANGE MONSTERS.

I'll even share a "Before and after" of my own voice - in the first clip you'll immediately identify the pushy, shouty, breaking and flipping middle range of a terrible singer (I was in my early 20s at the time); fast forward to a bunch of clips from now (my late 30's) displaying the kind of effortless freedom and intensely powerful tone that I've been sharing with guys just like you for over a decade as a professional voice coach.

But I'm not one of those "my course is better" or "I'm the best" or "only my approach works" kind of guys - I hate that kind of thing.

I like honesty, practicality and most of all actionable instruction and tangible goals.

And this last point is exactly HOW I'm going to help you build a totally insane vocal range - by giving you actionable and tangible instructions.

Not just "do this exercise"

Or "practice this trill 20 hours a day"

I'm actually going to explain exactly how it works, show you exactly how to do it - and set you up with a 3 part vocal plan showing you all the ins-and-outs of learning how to sing.

Sound good?

Right, let's get to it.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn as a lower-voiced singer (actually, for any serious singer!) as well as seeing that embarrassing "before and after" of my own voice.

Now, I say that it's embarrassing not just because my voice is flipping and breaking - but because I'd actually been taking weekly lessons for around five years already at that point, and spent close to $15k on courses lessons and gurus that obviously did NOTHING for my voice.

So if you're wondering "is this guy legit?"; the reason I'm doing this is because of all the guys that WEREN'T legit that took my money, wasted my time and put my voice at risk when I first started learning how to sing.

You know the kind of guys - the ones that display really impressive singing but don't actually show you anything about learning how to sing. The ones that have hot girls singing covers on their YouTube channels instead of sharing practical coaching videos. The ones that were born natural singers and have NO idea how to actually teach someone to sing better - because they never had to learn it.

Guys that look like this when they sing high notes, while telling you "this is all without strain!"

You can see it's a sore point for me.

I'm super passionate about TEACHING YOU how to sing better.

After all, that's what a voice coach really should be - a TEACHER, not a "YouTube personality".

With all that aside, here's the video. Hit the link below to watch what might just be the BEST voice coaching video you've ever seen;

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I never thought I'd be able to develop a powerful and effortless voice for rock and metal, but after taking regular lessons with Kegan, I've not only met, but surpassed my expectations and goals.


Rock Singer

Kegan has helped me put the SINGER into Singer-Songwriter - and helped me all the way to recording my first album!

Mike Nova


It's a 1000% brilliant vocal approach.
Kegan's training also helps me as a vocal coach.


Voice Coach

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  1. Kegan,

    I took lessons years ago and found it extremely helpful, especially when I learned things like diaphragm control and sending the voice up into the head. But I suffer greatly from allergies in Texas. Any suggestions for natural methods of clearing the sinus for better air control/flow?


    Mike M

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