Make Your Singing Better [4 Crazy Tips That Really WORK]

Make Your Singing Better With
4 Crazy Vocal Tips That Really WORK


Singing tips.

You’ve probably heard them all;

Yawn before you sing.

Breathe from the belly.

Sing more nasal.

Cry when you sing.

Hold your breath.

DON’T hold your breath.

Smile wide.

Open your mouth as MUCH as possible.

Open your throat as much as possible.

^ Let my start by saying that these dirty vocal tricks simply DON’T work.

And that’s because they’re really not related to the actual issue that you’re struggling with right now;

A lack of range.

Straining on high notes.




Seriously, look at all the common tips I gave you above, and tell me exactly right now how YAWNING is going to help with your frustration as a singer that is trying as hard as you can – but you’re just not getting it. Tell me how holding your breath is going to help you combat the FATIGUE that you feel when you sing a long vocal line. Tell me how breathing from your belly is going to help clarify everything you’re confused about.

Damn right – they’re not going to help you.

They’re a waste of time.

They’re a red herring.

Sure, yawning might illustrate how to raise the soft palate to a select few singers. Sure, aiming for a nasal tone might help you fluke actual forward placement and not just an ugly nosey sound. Sure, focusing on your belly might give you a bit more pressure in your airflow and give you the illusion that you’re ‘supporting’ your voice. Sure, a smile is a ham fisted way to help you widen your vowel into the first break.

And in the moment, you might feel one of these hackneyed is ‘the secret’ to great singing when you’ve got a golden-toothed guru beaming at you through your laptop screen telling you how WONDERFUL they are, how AMAZING they are and how you need to buy their secrets.

Some might even tell you that they taught your favourite singers how to sing.

Some might claim to teach the technique used by your favourite singer.

And while it might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about THEIR voice – you don’t learn a single damn thing about improving your own singing voice.

You can probably tell – I’ve been through this all before.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

And it just SUCKS, right?

There’s an old saying about making the same choices and getting the same results, or making new choices and getting new results; so let me show you the #1 most important thing that YOU are ever going to learn as a singer.

Seriously, I’m just going to SHOW YOU how to actually do it. How to increase your range. How to have unbelievable power. How to make head voice sound like chest voice. How professional singers are REALLY doing it. And most important, HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF.

Oh yeah, there’s also a super cringey “Before and after” of my own voice to show you that this is for real. My voice was so torched from pushing and straining on high notes that I just couldn’t sing my own songs anymore – until I learned the simple but powerful technique I’m about to share with you.

A technique that noone else is going to show you for free in this way.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you’re EVER going to learn as a singer:

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