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That’s right, we’re pleased to announce Bohemian Vocal Studio’s new “Live Chat” feature, simply ask me a question at any time! I’m online between 8am and 10pm AEST (Sydney time!), but you can still send through your questions anytime and they’ll be sent directly to my email – I’ll get back to you asap!

Have some questions about your voice? Get an answer right now!

Live ChatWith our new chat feature, I’m able to coach and diagnose your voice in real time, no back-and-forth with emails or
time differences. Simply click on the conversation to the bottom left of your screen here at www.bohemianvocalstudio.com and ask away. Have a question about how to sing higher? How to sing past your vocal break? How to breathe? How to improve vocal tone? Easy! You can message me anytime and I’ll let you know the best way to build your voice and where you need some work. Whether you need to learn how to breathe properly for singing, how to modify vowels, how to learn vocal compression or simply how to sing better, get free advice from a professional singing coach right now.

Get a vocal appraisal right now – completely free!

You can also send me a quick snippet of your singing so we can really get down to business building your voice. A short 20 second MP3 should do it, so simply start a chat with me and “attach a file” whenever you’re ready for me to have a listen to your voice and see where you might need some help and guidance.

Learn all about diaphragmatic breathing, proper vowels, correct vocal place and tons more healthy singing techniques that ROCK right here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – I’m online right now!

Feel free to leave some feedback or any questions below!

15 thoughts on “Live Chat with a professional vocal coach!

  1. I bookmarked your site because this is a definite interest. Singing is more of a hobby for me though and I have other pressing things to contend with first.

    I’m a natural baritone and easily sing second tenor range with my church men’s group. I have a good natural range but I can’t sing a note of falsetto!

    I can sing the bottom of choral alto range and the top of the bass range.

    The only real reason I want some falsetto in my bag of tricks is that it would help me with some favorite songs in karaoke. Can’t hit the high notes in Journey’s Faithfully for instance.

    I had someone mention in a bar once that you could be trained to sing falsetto but I never followed up. What do you think?

    1. hey Chazz – the high notes in ‘faithfully’ can/should be sung in full voice in the ‘loft/awe’ vowel position in full voice as falsetto is actually a defence mechanism for the voice when your throat is closed or too much airflow is being used. I have a video on this very song coming soon, so stay tuned


  2. Hey Kegan,
    This is something I really need! You seem like a pro man! I just started to learn how to sing. I have no idea on what I am doing but I am practicing on my own. Finding my voice is really challenging like today I was singing and I was attempting to hit a high note. I noticed my throat start to burn for a second. What was the deal with that?

    1. Hey Kendrick! Thanks for the kind words.

      Awesome, learning to sing really will enrich your life! Check out my videos on proper breathing and modified vowels, this will have you hitting the high notes REALLY easily in no time flat, it’s pretty simple once you understand the mechanics. If your voice is getting hoarse or your chords are ‘burning’ after singing, you’re putting undue strain on your voice and risking permanent damage. Remember to ‘hold in’ your air rather than blowing it out, and when you’re breathing with your diaphragm a little better think ‘down’ to create compression for the high notes rather than pushing up to them.

      Shoot me an email or message if you have any other questions about your voice!


  3. What a great tool for someone interested in stepping up their game! I’ll definitely keep this website in mind for anyone I know that may want to hone in on their vocals. I believe what you’ve got going on here is an incredibly beneficial option for your targeted audience! How long have you been coaching?

    1. Thanks Courtney – absolutely, I wish these resources were available when I first started learning how to sing!

      I’ve been singing for over 15 years, and coaching since 2010, so around 7 years.

      Thanks again,


  4. What a great thing!
    I have a grandson who love’s to sing and what a perfect thing to do for him.
    I can tell him all day he sound’s wonderful, but who am I? lol But to have someone in the business give him tip’s and advice, would be completely priceless to him.
    Can’t wait to share this with him.

    1. Thanks quiltingrandi! Absolutely, he can get in touch using the new chat feature any time he has a voice question!


  5. I’d love to do skype or lessons through YouTube with you! I sent a message on Thursday but I don’t know if it went through as it was done on my phone and pop ups usually disappear. I live in Toronto Canada so the time zone is a bit difficult, but I love your videos and want to see what can work for me and yourself in terms of time. Any way to email me some more info? I appreciate your time!

    1. Hey Nadia! I did email you back, I’ll try again today! I have a number of students in Canada currently – there’s a good crossover in the afternoons your time, so time difference is super easy. 🙂


  6. Hi,
    I have been singing for 11 years, and I have been told I am good. The only thing is I have problems in the transitions between notes. I am able to hold notes for up to a minute and not change my pitch ( save vibrato). But I was wantin to know if there is a way to help with my “pitchy” problem?

    1. Hey Jacob!

      By ‘transitions between notes’ do you mean you become pitchy when changing notes/following a vocal line? Seems like you might be locking your registers somewhere along the way and using pressure instead of release. I’d have to hear it to give you proper guidance, but yeah, the key to your pitch is in your frequencies – fit your placement and frequency control and you’ll attain a much better hold of pitch.


  7. Hi, i want to start out singing and try to find my voice if i have a good one and see if i can start singing but im lost and need a bit of guidence. I found this site and this convo and thought it whould be a good place to start asking some questions. Can Someone help me?

    1. Thanks for the message Justin! Absolutely – you’re welcome to use the contact form above to get in touch and let me know what’s going on with your voice. Have you tried singing before? A great place to start is releasing your registers with a lip trill or an “NG” sound – when you’re comfortable with this release, you can start building your voice with vowel tuning, diaphragmatic breathing and building your resonance and placement further.

      All the best,


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