Learning To Sing? [5 Things Your Voice Coach Isn’t Telling You]

5 Things Your Voice Coach Isn’t Telling You About


I took singing lessons for years.

Years, years and YEARS.

Sure, I saw a little bit of progress here and there with the usual tips of yawning before I sang, breathing from the belly, singing with a nasal tone – but as a whole the process of learning how to sing left a bitter taste in my mouth.

It seemed like I was just pouring money into a bottomless pit with no end in sight.

I was practicing exercises hour upon hour with no point, no purpose and no goal.

And sometimes I even felt like I was getting WORSE as a singer.

Does this sound familiar to you?

So what was the KEY?

What was the SECRET?

What turned EVERYTHING around for me?

For me personally, learning that was a fundamental process for EVERY singing voice, EVERY great singer, EVERY style and EVERY technique/term/concept/trick out there was a lifechanging experience.

You might be surprised to learn that every single technique, term, trick and concept out there actually relates back to one of these four basic fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • “All In One Flow”
  • Mixed Tonality

I don’t care what method you’re using, what method your teacher is trying to push on you, what your favourite singers are doing – the truth is, EVERY great singing voice out there from Chris Cornell to Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles to Layne Staley is a result of mastering these four basic but super-mega-wildly-crazy-important fundamentals.

So I want to share with the first FOUR things that your voice coach/those coaches on YouTube simply aren’t telling you:

The key to all great singing is mastery of The Four Vocal Fundamentals – and it just so happens that you can learn ’em here in this video right now:

Now, the final, and most important thing you’ll ever learn about singing, that your voice teacher/those coaches on YouTube simply aren’t telling you is that there are actually FOUR different overtones for each of the vowel sounds that you sing.

This one is a kettle of fish to write out in a way that’s going to make sense, so I’m just going to SHOW you exactly how to modify your vowels to make the most of your vowel overtones so you can increase your range like CRAZY:

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