Learning how to sing with confidence

Learning how to sing with confidence

Even with an extensive range and impressive vocal technique – learning how to sing with confidence can often take just as much time as learning the actual techniques. Maybe you’re still learning how to hit high notes while singing, improve singing pitch, or even working out how to get a better tone while singing – if you’re stressing about your technique before a difficult phrase or a high note, then no doubt you’ll fall prey to your nerves.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

We all make mistakes – if you flub a note or miss a word, don’t let it put you off guard! Simply carry on and hit the NEXT note with more power, and nail the next line. If you’re too hard on yourself and try to be too perfect, you’re likely to ruin the rest of the song rather than just a small glitch here and there. If you make a mistake, just acknowledge it and carry on, using the knowledge to better the rest of your performance.

To help you nail those nerves learn how to sing BETTER every time you sing, I’ve put together a short video on learning how to sing with confidence:

Key points:

  • Know your technique
  • Have a bag of tricks at hand for EVERYTHING that you’ll be throwing at your voice
  • Foundation, foundation, foundation
  • Learn how to control your diaphragm and soft palate correctly (aka involuntary mechanisms)
  • Release, release, release!

Know your technique

Build a super strong foundation for your voice with my complimentary Breathing and Resonance 101 courses, and you’ll never fall short on your high notes again! Building a powerful voice with an extensive range starts with your foundation, so book a Skype session with me and hit up my free short courses to build your breath support today.

A healthy foundation today means better singing tomorrow!

Know your enemy

That’s right, work out what your singing technique is currently lacking and workshop, workshop, workshop! If you’re always smashing your plosive and sibilant consonants – spend some time developing your approach to consonant sounds so that you nail those plosives EVERY time. Same thing goes for your vocal registers and bridging the gaps in your voice – if you voice is currently breaking, then spend some time workshopping your higher range and bridging your vocal registers. Let me know in the ‘leave a reply’ box below if you need some help bridging your vocal break!


Learn how to sing with more confidence by knowing your technique, workshopping any issues in your voice and using any mistakes to troubleshoot your voice while you’re singing – and remember, don’t be so hard on yourself!

If you’re ready to learn how to sing with more confidence and build your range with my unique steps-based approach to powerful singing, book a session with me now!

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!

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