Learning how to sing online

Learning how to sing online

We live in amazing times, where professional singing lessons with an international vocal coach are available at the click of a button! Learning how to sing online opens up the possibilities not only where time and logistics are concerned, but you can learn from the BEST coach out there, not just ‘anyone’ because they’re local.

Hi there! I’m Kegan – I help people build POWERFUL singing voices! I started Bohemian Vocal Studio in 2010 when I saw first hand the lack of quality singing coaches who catered to my personal music tastes and unique vocal type. My simple but proven approach to singing is now being practised and implemented successfully all around the world as we speak – the last count was students spread out through upwards of 15 different countries!

Learn from a professional – in your own home!

Forget that late night trek over to your teacher’s dimly lit living room, forget the awkward wait rooms and public transport costs – not to mention time lost on the way there and back. Simply set up your existing laptop or iPad (iPhones also work too!) with a hot cup of coffee, download Skype for free and away we go – a professional singing studio in the comfort of your own home.

Get personalised followups – any time of the day!

Been working on your new range and hit a few snags, or have a few questions remaining after a session? No problems! You’re welcome to shoot me an email at any time of the day – and even a recording of how your voice is progressing so I can point you in the right direction.

Gain access to complimentary webinars and deals!

Along with personalised Skype lessons based all throughout the world, Bohemian Vocal Studio also hosts regular webinars focusing on all kinds of topics, from Middle Voice, to Vowels, to Resonance, to various particular styles and approaches – simply sign up to one of our free or ‘student only’ webinars and I’ll meet you there (well, here!).

Are you ready to start learning how to sing online? Not only do I have complimentary short courses available, you can book a session with me now to set up your voice for a long and healthy, POWERFUL life!


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