Learn to sing with online singing lessons

Learn to sing with online singing lessons

When I first started to learn how to sing, it was a choice of the local classical coach – who happened to hate rock music, or another more contemporary coach, who was supportive of my rock song choices, but simply didn’t understand the unique issues I was facing with my low baritone voice range.  Fortunately, online singing lessons now make it SUPER easy to connect with the BEST professional vocal coach who not only understands your unique voice type, but also understands that we all love different music and appreciate different singers.

Using Skype or Zoom, I’m able to connect with students from as far away as Russia and America, to right here in my home country of Australia from the comfort of my, and my student’s home – I keep a wide variety of available time slots available in my booking calendar so that is ample crossover time for every timezone and location – I haven’t yet met a timezone that I’m unable to cater to!

How do online singing lessons work

The best thing to do would be check out one of my YouTube singing lessons and singing tutorials to experience my informative, yet practical approach to singing, and my steps-based approach to coaching.

I’ve even had students liken the experience of a Skype session as a “Live YouTube Video” where you can ask questions, demonstrate issues and get personal feedback and training right in front of your eyes – you can even just use your smartphone or tablet, so no fancy gear needed!

What can I learn in online singing lessons with BVS?

My speciality is being able to coach singers with a wide variety of accents and voice types – my intrinsic understanding of the physical mechanics of singing, mixed with my unique approach to the ‘intangible’ aspects such as resonance and mixed voice makes it possible for me to help students with a wide variety of issues and expecations, including:

  • Middle Voice (aka Mix Voice)
  • Vowel tuning and vowel modification
  • Resonance and placement
  • Diction and delivery
  • Consonant sounds and word troubleshooting
  • Increase your singing range (out of sight!)
  • Improve your singing tone
  • So much more!

I’ve taught students how to sing like Chris Cornell, how to sing like Adele, how to sing like Freddie Mercury, How to sing like Robert Plant, How to sing like Elvis and how to sing songs by bands such as Soundgarden, Stereophonics, Pearl Jam, Skid Row, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks and SO many more (I’ve lost count!).

Can you teach me how to sing higher?

Absolutely, this is an important part of any singing voice – access to your full vocal range. Using a unique approach to release, placement and vowel tuning – increasing your singing range is VERY easy and intuitive with Bohemian Vocal Studio. I myself have a low baritone voice, but as you’ve seen from the video above find it very natural and easy to sing well into and past the Tenor range and beyond – with the right singing technique, singing is easy, simple and enjoyable.

Can you improve my singing tone?

Of course! Among other little tweaks, your singing tone is a combination of your resonance production combined with your vowel shape, vocal tract width and of course the style and finesse of your delivery. A common issue I fix for my students early on in an online singing lesson with Bohemian Vocal Studio is how to fix a nasally voice. If you suffer from a whiny and nasal singing voice, then it’s likely you are not controlling your soft palate correctly, and in turn creating and resonating some nasty sounding frequencies that neither sound pleasant, nor help you build your voice. The soft palate should be ‘open’ on a resonant consonant sound like “M” or “N”, and ‘closed’ on a vowel sound like EE or AH – if you need help controlling your soft palate, or you want to learn how to create your vowels properly, you can book a session with me now and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Can you help me with #### song or singer?

I personally have a very wide palate of musical taste, from hard rock to folk music, and of course I’m also familiar with pop, soul and blues – you can bring in ANY singer, and I’ll show you a healthy approach on how to attain a style of singing in their style, and how to reach any pitch you’re currently struggling with. Learning to sing like another sing is easy, learning how to sing with your own natural voice is often the hardest part…

How long did it take you to learn how to sing?

This question is subjective to the singer, of course – I’ve personally spent over 15 years training and developing my voice, and have been providing online singing lessons here at BVS since 2010. Each voice is unique, and each singer faces a unique set of challenges and issues – care of accent, thought process and physical differences in the vocal tract. Where one singer might sing with a wide vowel, another singer with an identical voice type may sing with an overly narrow voice – meaning that they need two different sets of instructions and exercises to help build the same part of their voices. I suggest building your voice from the ground up with a healthy foundation including register release, placement and tuned vowels – from this point you can then work on support and stylistic choices involving your delivery, registers, tonal quality and resonance creation.

Are you ready to POWER UP your singing voice and learn how to increase your range and improve your tone? You can book a session with me now and I’ll show you how to improve your singing voice with my simple and practical approach to online singing lessons.

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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