Learn How To Sing Online [In 5 Easy Steps]

Learn How To Sing Online [In 5 Easy Steps]

Online Voice Coaching has become the gold standard in the world of learning how to sing. You can learn how to sing online in one single afternoon with a few YouTube videos, online tutorials and even a Skype voice coaching session. The truth is, singing is actually a very easy process, but learning HOW exactly to sing can often be a confusing a drawn out process due to all the conflicting information and opinions out there – but luckily for you, I’m about to show you the best way to learn how to sing online in 5 easy steps.

#1 – YouTube Singing Lessons

YouTube singing lessons are the obvios starting place when you want to learn how to sing online. YouTube is full of great singing tutorials from many great vocal coaches. Bohemian Vocal Studio’s YouTube channel features hundreds of killer voice tutorials and will show you absolutely everything you need to know about learning how to sing, from diaphragmatic breathing and middle voice right through to complicated concepts like vocal modification and placement. YouTube singing lessons are the first place you should look if you want to learn how to sing online.

#2 – Online Singing Course

An online singing course is another great way to learn how to sing online. There are MANY different vocal programs out there that will show your the foundation and basics of learning how to sing right through to specialised niche voice courses which focus on particular styles like Rock, R’nB or Pop. Finding the right singing course for your voice is important, so you need to realise that there is more than one different way to learn how to sing – anyone who claims to hold “the secret” to learning how to sing, or claims to “be better” than anyone else is no doubt a marketing genius, but really isn’t going to do your voice any favours. Find a vocal coach who has developed an approach you can relate to, has a voice that you love and respect, and understands the unique issues you face as a singer and can help you develop your own approach to singing which works to your strengths, and strengthens your weaknesses. Your voice is unique, so the approach you use to learn how to sing should suit your voice rather than being a “one size fits all” course that will make you into a shouty rock singer when you love pop, or will cut of your high range and force you to push chest in a strained belt when all you want to do is sing high notes like Chris Cornell.

A great place to start is the free foundations singing courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio which will show you how to set up a consistent and strong base for your voice to be built upon. I often remind my own singing students that their singing voice is only ever going to be as strong as the foundation they have built it upon – do you have a strong base for your voice?

#3 – eBooks

eBooks might seem a little outdated, but there is new guides and vocal methods being released in eBook format constantly. eBooks are a great way to learn how to sing because you can take your time and employ the method to your voice at your leisure rather than locking in a lesson every week or having to watch videos from an online singing course – you can read a vocal training eBook on the train on your way to work each morning!

#4 – Training Guides

Vocal training guides like Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Vowel Translator and Consonant Guide are great tools that will help you learn how to sing better, fast. Along with the free courses we offer here at BVS, there are a ton of other premium courses and tools that will help you learn how to sing online at a fraction of the cost and time required for many other courses and vocal programs out there. If you’re having trouble putting your vocal program into practice, or you can sing scales and drills but are unable to sing actual songs – the Vowel Translator was designed for you!

#5 – Online Singing Lessons

Bohemian Vocal Studio trains students all around the world via Skype and has helped students from Sweden, America, Australia, Latvia, New Zealand, South Africa and SO many other countries reach their vocal goals sooner while learning how to sing more efficiently and without vocal strain. Booking a Skype Session with Bohemian Vocal Studio is easy, so when you’re ready to take your voice to the next level with professional training here at BVS, we’ll get started extending your vocal range and developing consistency and control in your voice EVERY time you sing.

Singing is actually a very easy process, but learning HOW to do it can often be confusing, expensive and frustrating, mainly due to all the conflicting information and opinions out there. Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with a vocal studio that understands your unique issues, your unique accent, your unique voice type and the fact that we don’t all want to sing in exactly the same way?

If you have any questions about learning how to sing online, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. I found an online singing course many years ago and didn’t think it would work because I had no idea ANYONE could learn to sing. This is a great step by step guide for someone wanting to take the stage. Out of all these methods, which one do your recommend for someone that might be overwhelmed with everything? Cheers

  2. Awesome article! I love how clean and neat your site is so that your tips and training are easy to read and refer back to when practicing.
    You are very professional! The article was very informative.
    Thank you for sharing

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