One Session

10% off

Vowel Translator ✓
Booster Courses ✓
Monthly Skype credit 

1 Session

One Skype session per month is great for advanced singers looking for occasional help between shows and recording sessions, or absolute beginners looking to get started without being overwhelmed by weekly sessions.


Two Sessions

15% off

Vowel Translator ✓
Booster Courses ✓
Monthly Skype credit ✓✓

2 Sessions

Two Skype sessions per month is great for intermediate to advanced singers looking to put more attention towards their vocal technique, or beginner singers want to get serious with regular training.


Three Sessions

25% off
$450 $335

Vowel Translator ✓
Booster Courses ✓
Monthly Skype credit ✓✓✓

3 Sessions

Three Skype sessions per month is for a beginner intensive, advanced singers looking to take their singing to the next level or for goal oriented singers with an upcoming recording session or show looking to get in shape.


Two Sessions (Yearly)

40% off
$3,600 $2,160

Vowel Translator ✓
Booster Courses ✓
Monthly Skype credit ✓✓


Our most popular package in yearly format with a crazy discount. You're committed, you're serious - let's do it with two Skype sessions per month (charged yearly)

Join Bohemian Vocal Studio as a premium subscriber to gain access to The Vowel Translator - the world's first interactive word translator for singing technique, our exclusive Booster Warmups, Premium tools and ongoing monthly Skype Lesson credit at a hefty discount.

With an ongoing monthly membership, you will gain specialised tools and training that is only available to premium subscribers - with the Vowel Translator alone worth well more than the small cost of membership, not to mention the booster courses, consonant guide and ongoing Skype Credit for personalised voice coaching with Kegan.

  • It has definitely become easier and more convenient for me to sing!
  • Worth it JUST for the vowel translator, wow!
  • My voice feels much better and healthier
  • It very quickly puts the voice in the desired settings!
  • I am very grateful to Kegan for creating such a convenient and effective tool!


Are you ready to take you voice to the next level? Simply select the membership of your choice below to make the most important vocal investment you will ever make! Check the FAQ for more details.

Please note - Skype credit will be added to your calendar account manually each month, so please allow up to 24 hours for Skype credits to become available for booking.