Is Learning How to Sing Still Relevant in 2018?

Is Learning How to Sing Still Relevant in 2018?

If you searched for singing lessons or vocal coaching on YouTube a few years back, you would have been inundated with How to sing like [insert popular singer]!¬†videos that, while impressive, didn’t actually show you anything about singing. A google search would have landed thousands of results containing all manner of approaches, courses and coaches all vying for the attention of budding singers and promising the secret to great singing like it was going out of style.

We’ve all matured, grown up a little and the game has changed a little – we’re no longer impressed by fancy videos and vocal coaches who act like god, no, we want someone to actually SHOW us how to sing better. This begs the question, is learning how to sing still relevant in 2018?

Singing existed before YouTube, and will continue long after it’s gone

I personally started learning to sing in the 90’s, and while there was maybe one, or even two basic vocal courses online at the time, YouTube really didn’t come into play until I’d already been singing for a good ten or so years. Has it changed my approach to singing? Well, actually it has – becoming an online vocal coach has led me to coach many students with accents and voice types far outside the reach of a ‘local’ vocal coach, and ultimately made me reevaluate many aspects of my teaching approach¬†and even my own singing.

Here’s the thing, I haven’t actually learned ONE thing about singing from a YouTube singing tutorial. However, I have learned countless lessons from my own students and the many conversations I’ve had with singers all around the globe who share one thing in common – they are sick of being tossed breadcrumbs and teased with the full vocal loaf that is only available in an expensive bakery that really doesn’t serve their kind of bread anyway.

There is more than one way to learn singing

Sure, one approach might work for a certain singer, and it may be the ONLY approach that worked for them – but on the flipside, another student might not gel with the same approach and ultimately swear by an alternate vocal method. This is where arguments ensue online about which coach is better, which approach is better – when really, success is a reflection on the student and how well they apply the information and training they are provided. Vocal training isn’t a magic bullet, it is a set of tools that you yourself need to learn how to use and practice with.

The best vocal coach is one that tailors the approach and information to YOUR unique voice and a method that is in line with the way that you prefer to learn. Sure, there are great vocal programs and courses out there, but ultimately they aren’t designed for your unique voice and will fall short every time compared to proper guidance from a vocal coach who understands your voice and develops a program designed around your specific issues and individual voice.

Are vocal lessons still relevant in 2018?

Yes. A good vocal coach will help you develop and access the range that you’ve always dreamed of and ultimately help you build a consistent and confident voice that works at its peak EVERY time you sing. No checklist or course is ever going to give you the value that singing lessons provide and the potential progress you will make with regular guidance and an approach designed around your unique voice.

Vocal lessons are more relevant in 2018 than ever, and with all the conflicting information out there perpetuated by YouTube celebrities in the disguise of a vocal coach, finding the right singing teacher is absolutely paramount to discovering the voice of your dreams.

An awesome place to begin is the free courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, which will show you how to set up a strong foundation and give you a powerful base to start building your voice upon. When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level you can book a Skype Session for priceless personal guidance from a professional voice coach that no YouTube video could ever match. Are you ready to take your voice up another notch?

If you have any questions about vocal lessons and learning how to sing, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. I’ve seen some very good singers out there like that Russian singer Vitas, he has a 5-octave vocal range which is insane! Way too much much music today is just all sorts of auto-tune junk man, it’s crap.

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