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Started in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio is now Australia’s premier rock vocal coaching studio – based worldwide via Skype and with a local studio in the Sydney CBD, our student base has now reached over 12 countries, and our student forum now has over 100 members of all nationalities, situated around the globe all taking online singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio and local singing lessons in our Sydney studio.

With a background in both rock and classical singing, Kegan’s studio teaches healthy singing technique for a powerful rock delivery, and with a student base made up of professional touring musicians, local rock singers, vintage and seasoned singers of various ages, participants of The Voice and beginner students alike, BVS can cater to your level of coaching needed – from the basics right through to advanced techniques.

Can you teach me how to sing higher?

Absolutely! As a natural baritone myself, learning to sing high was originally my ‘holy grail’ where singing was concerned – with proper singing technique and a healthy approach, I’ve taken my voice from the “Johnny Cash” range right through to my favourite singers like Chris Cornell, Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and Stevie Nicks – healthy singing technique is powerful singing technique.

The first step is finding a coach that really resonates with what you’re about. Bohemian Vocal Studio is one of very few vocal coaching studios that specialise in rock – I won’t tell you that “Belting is bad for your voice” or “You can’t sing high” or “you shouldn’t sing rock” – the reality is that you really CAN increase your range and learn to sing with power, control and even with distortion and grit in a healthy way!

Modified Vowels, diaphragmatic breathing, compression, vocal placement, open throat, raising the soft palate, resonance and simplified versions of classical techniques like appoggio, inhalare la voce, messa di voce are all techniques I apply, teach and use personally to build the singing range, improve your voice and most importantly, teach how to sing with healthy singing technique.

What are the most common questions you’re asked as a vocal coach?

How can I sing higher? How do you sing with grit? What is the diaphragm? How can I sing better? How can you teach me to sing better? Can anyone learn how to sing? Am I tone deaf? Can I really become a good singer? How do you place the voice? How do you sing with resonance? How can I sing louder? How can I improve my tone? Why is my voice nasal?

My purpose in life is to help others find these answers and so many more where courses I attended and coaches I went to either told me my baritone voice ‘wasn’t made to sing high’ and that ‘it isn’t healthy to sing rock’ and even that my favourite singers were terrible and I should learn classical instead. I’ve spent over 10 years learning the answers myself and developing my own approach to healthy singing technique – check out the below video below for an introduction to BVS and a few simple tips on increasing your range:

Are you ready to build your vocal range, improve your singing tone, learn how to sing with healthy technique and develop a powerful voice in every way? You can book a session with me now!

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