Increase your range with Mixed Voice | Middle Voice

How to sing higher in chest voice? How to sing heavier in high range? How to avoid head voice? How to make head voice thicker? What is head voice versus chest voice? How do you improve chest voice? These and so many more similar questions all have one simple answer – Mixed Voice, or, Middle Voice.

I recently covered this top in my YouTube web series about healthy singing technique, so I thought I’d elaborate a little further and explain the concept (and reality!) of singing in the ‘middle’ of your voice using mixed, or middle tonality. You can check out the video below:

So, Middle Voice is more of a ‘tonality’ than a singing technique – rather than pulling your chest voice (low register) up higher so that you sound thicker into your higher range, and rather than pulling your head voice down so you have more range, the idea is to incrementally alter the weight and thickness of your vocal cords as you ascend to cover this middle tone and allow an easier transition from chest voice into head voice.

So if you’re looking to make your head voice sound like chest voice, or hit high notes in chest voice – the technique you’re actually looking for to achieve this full, yet relaxed tone is via your middle voice and mixed tonality – check out the video above and try it yourself!

If you’re ready to develop your middle voice and finally get rid of that pesky vocal break once and for all, you can book a session with me now.

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