Increase your range

Increasing your vocal range is super simple when you have access to the right vocal technique! Diaphragmatic breathing, vowel modification, strain release and tons of other simple steps to building a powerful vocal range are exactly what I teach here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – traditional, healthy vocal technique with a modern approach you can build a powerful rock singing voice, shining pop vocal tone, heavy metal grit, smooth Operatic vowels, bellowing blues and tons more!

With healthy vocal technique, your tone and approach will become limitless!

Check out the below video for some of the vocal techniques I’ll teach you when you book a singing lesson with Bohemian Vocal Studio. I not only provide rock singing lessons in Sydney, I also coach singing worldwide via Skype and will happily provide ongoing email support until our next session!

Check out the below “Coffee Break” video I recently recorded on modifying your vowels, your singing will improve out of sight in no time with these powerful singing techniques!

If you’re ready to start building your own powerful rock singing voice, check out my many other video lessons or book a session with me right now!

Feel free to send me some feedback or any questions!


  1. Great intro to your video. Love how you show the different ranges that we can sing. You give clear instructions and show what can be done with our vocals. Thanks very much.

  2. That was a great tip.

    I see what you mean with that vowel restriction cutting off the note. And how you would think that was the limit of your range.

    It was great to see how you got around that, and it looks like the tip of the iceberg into learning this technique.

    How long have you been singing?

    Anyway nice vid.


    • Thanks wade! Absolutely – the possibilities are endless, and with the right technique your improvement will be exponential

      I’ve been singing for around 15years… Seriously for 10… Teaching for the last five 🙂

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