Increase Your Baritone Vocal Range

Increase Your Baritone Vocal Range

Baritone and bass singers like you and I face unique challenges when learning how to sing. Common habits and mistakes like excess vocal fold weight, improper frequencies and a muscular touch all come together to make what should be a simple and fun pursuit a bit of a nightmare – but that’s about to change!

Singing itself is actually a very simple process of pressure, vibration and resonance; easier said than done though, right? When you add a deep voice to the equation you also add many other variables that contribute to the frustration of baritone singers all around the world. The time has come for you to stop straining and struggling and start singing instead!

Baritone Voice Range

For many years I personally struggled with learning how to sing, in part due to my naturally low baritone voice range. I bought courses and books and took lessons with some of the most popular voice coaches and singing teachers out there, but ultimately lacked “the key” to unlocking my baritone voice. For the better part of ten years, I actually got worse and worse as a singer as my frustration grew and my range became more and more limited – until I learned the simple solution to a great baritone voice range.

“Kegan is the master of voice coaching… period.”

One of the biggest challenges that face baritone singers isn’t actually any form of physical limitation in the vocal mechanism itself, or a limit to the length of your vocal folds – it’s actually the lack of resources out there designed specifically for your voice BY someone who understands your voice. I eventually realised that many of the singing teachers I had been going to actually possessed a different singing range to me and ultimately had no grasp of the unique issues that I faced with a naturally low baritone voice range – and the same can be said for many of the courses I bought in that they were designed by people with high voices FOR people with high voices. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, and many of these coaches were really great singers in their own right, and no doubt great teachers – in the subject that they excelled at; teaching high voiced singers.

Baritone Singing Lessons

Towards the end of my ten year struggle to find my true voice, I became so frustrated and disheartened that I really did consider giving up – I couldn’t spend any more time, any more money or listen to another vocal guru tell me how ‘easy’ it was going to be when I used their special method, nothing was working.

I eventually found a baritone singing teacher, and older chap, who actually understood my voice and knew exactly how to remedy all the issues that had been clouding my abilities for almost a decade – and within just a few short weeks using an approach designed specifically FOR a baritone BY a baritone, I actually made more progress than I had made in over ten years of buying some of the BEST courses out there and seeing some truly great voice coaches. Of course, my voice was still a work in progress, but the floodgates of possibility really were opened and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel – everything I had dreamed of, and more, was now possible with this simple and effective approach designed for baritones.

Since those humble days I’ve spent another ten years myself honing my own approach to coaching that keeps the baritone voice range in mind so that low voiced singers like you and I really can unlock our high range and sing with the same expressive power that is afforded to many Tenors and Female singers alike.¬†Would becoming a great singer and unlocking your baritone range change your life? I know know it has absolutely changed mine.

A great place to start is this exclusive Baritone Singing Lesson designed specifically for your voice by a vocal coach who understands the unique challenges that come with learning how to sing when you have a deep voice – because I have one too!

If you have any questions about learning how to sing as a baritone, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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