Improve your voice with mixed voice singing!

Improve your voice with mixed voice singing!

We’ve all heard of “Chest Voice” and “Head Voice” – but did you know that there is actually another seemingly magical vocal register that sits between these two vocal chord coordinations that allows you to sing with the RICH and FULL sound of chest voice, but with the ease of Head Voice?

Learning how to create a powerful MIX voice, or MIDDLE voice as it’s commonly known, is the secret to ‘singing’ and ‘being a great singer’ – this powerful, and pleasant ‘mix’ of head voice and chest voice is why your favourite singers seem to sing higher, and higher, AND higher without even the slightest hint of strain – and they seem to do so with a RICH and FULL sound without a vocal break like you no-doubt are currently experiencing.

The first thing you should do is brush up on your breathing technique – and then in the video below I will not only tell you WHY you should be utilising mixed voice singing, but I’ll also show you HOW to sing in middle voice in this super simple tutorial:

So you see, the problem lies in ‘locking’ your vocal chords into either the Head or Chest coordination, you should actually be ‘releasing’ into middle voice at a reasonable pitch so that you don’t experience a vocal break, and so you don’t flip into a ‘light’ head voice in your higher range. With middle voice singing, you TOO can have a powerful and rich high range with very, little, effort!

If you’re ready to power up your voice and take your singing to the next level, you can book a session with me personally and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done!

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