Improve your tone

Improving your vocal tone is a cinch once you understand the basics of diaphragmatic breathing, air control, strain release and of course controlling the frequencies of your voice organically.

A bright voice is a powerful voice!

That’s right, vocal brightness is imperative to a healthy, powerful singing voice. This is a particular issue for male singers who trying to sing with a ‘masculine’ tone by dragging up low frequencies in the voice rather than building power in the bright tones of their voice – female singers often have a similar issue when trying to achieve a ‘rock’ sound by pushing and straining to emulate male singers! Building a bright vocal tone will open up your range, allow you to control your tone in almost any way imaginable and also opens up your voice up to approaching advanced techniques like grit and distortion in a healthy, relaxed way.

Check out the below video for a quick demonstration of healthy grit and a bright vocal tone – in the style of Zakk Wylde!

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