Improve Your Singing Voice Quickly

Improve Your Singing Voice Quickly

Are you experiencing a specific vocal issue like strain, tension or inability to sing high notes without straining? Or perhaps you’re a complete beginner and you’re super excited to get started with an approach that will improve your singing voice quickly with practical, effective coaching and concepts. Learning how to sing is easy with the simple process of Foundation, Growth and Balance that I’m about to share with you.

When you break the voice down into the most basic elements of pressure, vibration and resonance – you arrive at the three base elements of healthy vocal technique; Support, Fold Closure and Vowels. By first developing these three foundation elements of the voice, this sets you up for ongoing and tangible results and gains proportional to the time and effort you invest in your singing voice. Lets get started with Foundation!

Vocal Foundation

Foundation for your singing voice is just like the foundations of your house – the rock solid concrete base that your walls and roof are built upon. You don’t just build a roof and lay it on the ground while trying to prop it up on bricks, you first need those walls to be built on a concrete slab. So, tone and range in singing are like the walls and roof of your house – built upon a rock solid foundation. Foundation in singing includes;

  • Diaphragmatic Support
  • Balancing your onset
  • Mixed Resonance
  • Connecting chest and head voice
  • Managing strain and tension
  • Placing your frequencies
  • Each fundamental aspect of the voice

When you start with a strong foundation, it’s then easy to grow and build your voice in a continual and practical way. Even if you’ve been singing for a few years already and you’re experiencing one of the common issues I mentioned above, like strain or trouble with high notes – the answer to these issues doesn’t lie in ‘next level’ techniques like compression or vowel modification, but in your basic vocal foundation.

[one_half padding=”0 20px 20px 0″][/one_half]The best place to get started with a strong vocal foundation is the Foundation 101 singing course which will show you how to sing with mixed resonance, place your voice, shape your vowels and SO much more. With 60 minutes of video tutorials and interactive warmups, Foundation 101 is one of the most valuable tools any singer can use to build a great foundation and set their voice up for continual growth. Are you ready to set up a rock solid foundation? Let’s get started.

The Growth Stage

You’ll find a heftly learning curve in many vocal methods, with an initial ‘feel good’ sensation as you go through the basics like breathing and resonance, but ultimately a large rut that you can get stuck in after a couple of weeks of solid practice – you fail to see any more progress and the program gets shelved until another day, or until another program comes along that has the same ineffective learning curve. This is why the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing was designed – a proven, effective and practical way to sing that includes tangible milestones along the way to help you maintain and continue your progress as a singer.

The growth stage in singing is where we take each foundation element learned in the Foundation 101 singing course and we ‘grow’ and ‘build’ them with next level techniques like vowel modification, forward placement and most importantly, compression. Compression in singing is the way that you turn that light ‘classical’ sound you’ve been practicing into a roaring and powerful rock or pop singing voice without strain or tension. To achieve tangible growth in your singing voice, you first must have a very strong vocal foundation and a keen understanding of each fundamental concept of the voice; Pressure, Vibration and Resonance by way of Support, Fold Closure and Vowels.

We will develop and build each of these ‘next level’ elements using the Growth 101 course, and with another hour of new video tutorials and interactive warmup material – your voice will be opening up and growing in power each time you use the Foundation and Growth 101 warmup routines.  You can get started with Growth 101 here.

The Balance Stage

The balance stage is where we bring together each element of your vocal foundation, and each element from the growth stage into one solid and coordinated voice that allows you to sing any song you’ve dreamed of, and sing free of the tension and strain you might have experienced with other methods, or as a complete beginner. Working with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio in private coaching sessions in the balance stage will give you the tools to use each foundation and growth vocal concept in a practical way while applying each technique in a way that will provide you with an impressive and formidable singing voice that is pleasant, professional, powerful and fun to sing with.

You can book an Ad-Hoc session with Kegan in the booking calendar in the top menu on this page, or you can sign up as a premium member for incredible vocal tools like The Vowel Translator, Booster Warmups, the Consonant Guide and of course discount coaching sessions that are affordable for ongoing and regular coaching sessions.

If you’re ready to set up a rock solid foundation, grow and build your voice and finally achieve balance – you can get started today with the Foundation and Growth 101 singing courses.

If you have any questions about learning how to sing, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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