Iced Earth Cover – I Died For You [How To Sing Like Matt Barlow]

Iced Earth Cover – I Died For You


My favourite 90’s metal singers include Warrel Dane of Nevermore, Ville Laihiala of Sentenced and of course Matthew Barlow of the mighty Iced Earth.

Whatever you might think of Iced Earth and some of the controversy they’ve been through in recent years, one thing is for certain – Matt Barlow is universally respected and revered as a powerhouse singer.

The ridiculously high range.

His booming low natural voice.

The distortion.

The phrasing.

The fluidity.

Tone for days.

Power, emotion, expressiveness.

^ Basically, the opposite of the voice that I first started out with as a singer.

I strained, I struggled, I forced, I wheezed, I huffed, I puffed – but I just couldn’t hit those high notes (by about 100 miles off), my voice didn’t sound good and I would have absolutely KILLED to have even half of the range of Matt Barlow through that quattro of classic Iced Earth Albums; Burnt Offerings, Something Wicked, The Dark Saga and Horror Show.

But I’ve since discovered an easier way, a more effective way, a proven and guaranteed way to build that kind of range, the ease, the power, the distortion and the expression without blowing a gasket, and I’m about to share it with you after I show you where I’m at as a singer now that I’m mastered the simple vocal key that I’m about to share with you;

And while we’re at I, having mentioned Nevermore’s revered, tragic singer Warrel Dane – I’ve also since learned the ropes of singing in his unique style too. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – both Matt Barlow and Warrel Dane were just freaks of nature, with true god-given talent and absolutely noone, absolutely noone can hold a candle to either of them in their prime.

And I’m coming at this from someone who was NEVER a naturally good singer.

I was the polar opposite of a gifted singer when I started.

The voice you’re hearing is one built from years of training, dedication, training, training, training and MORE dedication.

But I’ve finally reached the heights of range and expression that I could have only once dreamed of using the simple key to great singing I’m about to share with you;

Obviously, I have my own unique instrument.

My own style.

I don’t sound like Warrel, and I don’t sound like Matt Barlow – but, I can nail absolutely every single note and nuance in each of these challenging metal songs with ease now that I’ve mastered this simple method.

But you can see how the approach I’m using can be moulded into any style, shape or form that you can dream of.

Hell, I’ll even throw a curveball at you with this Alice in Chains cover which is a totally different vocal style to show you just how versatile the approach I’m about to share with you really is:

So you’re probably wondering exactly what my approach is, and where I’m coming from with “this approach” and “that method” and “this technique” and “that technique” and what exactly I’m selling here.

But I’m going to do one better than that by actually SHOWING YOU exactly how I’ve developed my voice to the point where Matt Barlow is easy. Warrel Dane is easy. Layne Staley is easy. You name it, this simple vocal technique really will let you sing ANYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of once you mastered these four fundamentals. When you’re finished this next video, hit the link below to join my free Vocal Plan and receive absolutely ALL of my training materials, all the techniques I’m using here PLUS a special invitation to my vowel modification Q&A session all completely free;

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