I recorded one song PER MONTH for a full year (This is what happened)

I recorded one song PER MONTH for a full year
(This is what happened)


In 2019 I set a personal challenge – to write, record and release one song PER MONTH for a full year.

It was a real turning point in my career as a professional singer, but also a crux in my career as a voice teacher too – because it was a true learning experience as someone who wanted to “do” rather than just “teach”.

So I guess the first question you probably have is exactly WHY I would put myself through such a ridiculous ringer – the budget, the timeframe, the pressure, the stress, the expectation?

Well, that’s EXACTLY why I wanted to take this challenge.

In short, I found I was spending 12 hours a day working on other peoples voices and musical dreams – and less and less on my own.

Honestly, I just wanted to take a brief moment in time to actually be the singer and musician I trained so hard and worked so intently to become – and this was my final chance.

Approaching my late 30s, first kid on the way, my “meeting some young guys at the pub to start a band with” days long gone, I honestly felt like this was IT for me as a singer.

If I couldn’t do this one simple vocal challenge, then my days as a pro singer were done and dusted – and maybe even my career as a voice teacher.

Those that can’t do – “teach”, right? I didn’t want to be one of those guys.

I wanted to DO.

So, I did it.

Here’s the first album worth of material that I got out of the vocal challenge of writing/recording/releasing one song per month for a full year;

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  • Microphone technique
  • Improving my own vocal approach
  • Outsourcing things like mastering and mixing
  • Singing challenging lines in ONE GO
  • SO much more.

Hit that subscribe button like your life depends on it and I’ll show you more about singing in a practical sense than you’ll learn anywhere else in the world. This is the REAL DEAL from someone who is actually living the dream of making and recording music for a living.

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