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I’m often asked whether it’s really possible to sing past your vocal range, sing as a tenor when you’re really a baritone or sing female songs as a guy – or vice versa! Vocal type aside, if there’s a will there’s a way. I’m not saying that Mariah Carey could sing in the same range as Johnny Cash, but she could definitely work that low range to sing some male tenor range stuff, and not that I’d change anything about the Man in Black, but Cash totally could have built a 4-octave vocal range if he’d been so inclined.

Likewise, having a lower than average voice type myself (bass range, timbre of a high baritone), I was once told to just focus on the ‘gift’ of being able to sing a low D off the lowest frets of a guitar, and not bother myself with the impossible task of even singing more than an octave – but after discovering and developing correct vocal techniques over the past 15 years, Bel Canto, open throat, good singing, safe singing – whatever you want to call a healthy voice, I can assure you, any and everything is possible with the right approach.

Rather than tell you my story over and over again, how about I show you? Here’s a simple tutorial on singing outside your natural range, specifically, how to sing Adele as a Male baritone!

If you’re ready to learn how to sing higher, sing past your vocal break, learn how to belt, learn how to sing with distortion and generally build a healthy singing voice with more range and power than you could ever imagine, book a session with me now!

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    1. Hey Ian – thanks for your comment! Absolutely, I have a queen tutorial in the pipeline. Being a bass, my voice isn’t exactly suited to the same sound as Freddie, and I’m singing in full voice all the time as opposed to falsetto, but I’ll go through his technique, how to get his sound in a safer way and of course how to pitch the high stuff.

      It’ll be a little while before I get to this as my list is pretty long (and getting longer! ha). There’s actually an option to your right -> to purchase a custom YouTube lesson for the technique/singer of your choice if you’d like something sooner or to pick a specific singer or technique.



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